Monday, December 1, 2014

snow day

Our snow day in bullet points:
  • wake up at 4:30, remember there is no going to the gym this morning and hit snooze for the next hour
  • wake up to the phone ringing and the snooze going off the same time.  Turn off alarm, answer phone, find out school is cancelled due to ice.  Return to sleeping.
  • Jump out of bed and fly out the living room to relocate Tony, the elf on a shelf, since I forgot to last night...and we're off to a great start on that little treat...

  • sleep until seven enjoying the fact that for the first time on our Thanksgiving break the boys slept IN instead of RUNNING! SCREAMING! and FIGHTING! (both play fighting and real fighting) at 5:30 in the morning.
  • Climb out of bed, bundle up, drink water, start coffee, all while watching the boys make their own pop tarts.
  • FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!  Boys check their advent calendar for our activity and discover that they get to open their first Christmas books.

  • Read day one out of each Advent book and hang our first ornament on our Jesse tree

  • boys disappear into spare room to watch Wreck it Ralph.  I drink coffee, eat leftover waffles, and watch ten minutes of some ridiculous show on TV before deciding not to watch TV all day.
  • Finish online Christmas shopping.  Done!  Yay!
  • drink more coffee and catch up on some Bible reading.
  • Text Justin, shower.
  • Decide to catch up on photo books on Snapfish, but find things running too slowly (probably due to cyber Monday??) 
  • Feed the boys left overs for lunch and return to snapfish to do some photo Christmas shopping instead.  Save 55%!  Woohoo!
  • Decide to take this opportunity to upload all of my photos (both camera and phone), edit, organize, and upload them.  This takes hours.  Like three of them.  Finish the pot of coffee and catch up on blog reading while doing all of this.  (P.S.  My children are silently entertaining themselves elsewhere - it seems after spending five straight days with me over Thanksgiving break that they are tired of me and willing to let me do my own thing.  rare!)
  • feed the children again.  they seem to need A LOT of food.
  • Now write a blog post.
And now it is 3:30 and I'm contemplating starting up the over to make frozen pizza because despite having been home all day and having spent most of that time on my butt and on my computer, I still have no desire to cook.  And I'd like to continue this relaxing (some would call lazy) thing I have been doing all day.