Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Thanksgiving

426.  Dark green grass spread across the ground
427.  Patches of purple (so what if they're just "weeds") interrupting the flow of green
428.  Trees flowering white
429.  Purple buds on thin branches
430.  Flowers blooming
431.  Trees budding green
432.  The first catch of the year (made by Logan)
434.  Walks in sandals, sun warm on my feet
435.  New rug, plush under bare feet, perfect for playing it seems
435.  A weekend visit from family
436.  Fire burning warm in the chimnea on a cool spring night
437.  The smell of chlorine on the damp air
438.  Splashes and giggles from two little boys in the pool
439.  Wet sand molded into shapes by small hands
440.  Lawnmowers buzzing all around
441.  Gavin behind Daddy pushing his own little mower
...To Be Continued...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thankful in March

323.  Pinterest finds
324.  Sinking my teeth into a juicy hamburger
325.  Walking arm in arm down the street with my husband
326.  A window shopping date
327.  The smell of Starbucks coffee and books
328.  buying presents for my boys to fill their Easter baskets
329.  coming home to a clean house made so by my husband while we were at church
330.  Teaching Sunday school to the little ones in our church
331.  Warmer temperatures
332.  Muscles finally recovered from a brutal workout
333.  New ink (the tattoo kind)
334.  Sushi dinner
335.  A game of Scrabble
336.  Helping Justin get ready to go to Vegas
337.  Justin's safe travels to and from Vegas
338.  Birds chirping in the morning
339.  A springtime hike with co-workers during a field trip
340.  A Taco Bell "picnic" at the park with the boys

341.  Smoking free parks
342.  Under-dogs on the swings
343.  Climbing up and sliding down...again and again!
344.  Reading on my front porch
345.  Scent of sunscreen on my children's skin
346.  Riding bikes in the driveway
347.  Sick leave from work that allows me to stay home with a sick child
348.  Texts shared with a good friend
349.  Starting a conversation with someone new
350.  Crafting with my boys
351.  Little hands helping me assemble a birthday gift for someone special
352.  Three of us piled into the top bunk to read a bedtime story
353.  Early outs from school
354.  Working out in an empty gym
356.  Listing gifts with Logan
357.  Praying with my children

358.  Capturing snow falling with my camera - finally

359.  Evening snowball fight
360.  Spring Break!
361.  Time with girl friends
362.  Homemade (by someone else who cooks better than me) soup
363.  Fresh, crusty bread (to dip in that soup!)
364.  Progress on a crafting project
365.  Gaining creative inspiration from others
366.  Sharing stories
367.  Sharing laughter
368.  Triple chocolate cupcakes

369.  Early Easter gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

370.  Father and son building Legos

371.  Family time at the movie theater
372.  Gavin's face lit up with joy watching the big screen
373.  My boys driving Legos round and round the coffee table
374.  Palm Sunday
375. Big lunches with extended family

376.  New tires!
377.  Gavin's fascination (and running commentary) with the process of getting new tires

378.  Library time
379.  Breakfast as a family

380.  Sharing cupcakes at The Artsy Cafe after errands

381.  Doing kids crafts with my boys at The Artsy Cafe
382.  Taxes DONE!
383.  Puppy chow, popcorn, and a movie

384.  Dancing with the boys to the end credits of Wreck it Ralph
385.  Tired boys curled up in tight little balls under blankets

386.  Coloring Easter eggs together
387.  Sharing the story of Jesus' sacrifice with my boys
388.  Relaxing to a piece of music, two boys piled in my lap
389.  Making homemade frosting for the first time!

390.  Boxes of tissues
391.  Allergy meds over the counter
392.  An entire day in my sweats, no make-up, no hair do!
393.  Pillow fights!

394.  Rain turned sunshine as we drove down the highway
395.  New super hero shoes for my boy
396.  Long walk through the zoo

397.  A new story Bible for the boys

398.  Maundy Thursday
399.  A first foot washing service
400.  Sharing a book with a friend

401.  Sitting on the front porch enjoying sunshine
402.  Chalk drawings in the driveway
403.  Sunshine warm on my skin
404.  Easter egg hunts!
405.  A house cleaned as a family
406.  A dinner created as a couple
407.  A meal eaten, all four around one table
408.  Logan's voice thanking God for Jesus
409.  All four, curled up on the couch for an Easter show
410.  Early morning egg hunts in the livingroom
411.  Exclamations of joy for each empty egg
412.  Arms wrapped tight around new gifts
413.  Tiny fingers unwrapping tiny peanut butter cups
414.  Sunday morning church service
415.  Full bellies after an Easter lunch
416.  A game of Let's Go Fishin' between Papa and the boys
417.  Logan learning to cast a fishing pole
418.  Fun in the afternoon sun
419.  A house filled with fresh air through open windows
420.  Growing green in our flower pot
421.  Smell of hickory from the grill
422.  An impromput hot dog/brat on the grill dinner
423.  "Best Easter day ever, Mom!"
424.  Working at the table with Justin
425.  Easter day:  an empty tomb, a resurrection

Easter Sunday ~ a glimpse into how we celebrated this year

We try really hard to keep the focus of Easter on Jesus.  We also try to maintain a spirit of fun and imgaination.  This year I probably did my best work yet melding the two together (a bit of thanks going toward Pinterest of course). 

Saturday night I wrote a letter, stuffed and "hid" eggs, made gift "tags", and hid small gifts.

Sunday morning the boys were up shortly after six...and very confused when confronted with empty baskets!  Logan was more concerned than Gavin - he was sure he must have done something bad to have the bunny not come.  Gavin, on the other hand, just started popping open eggs, unwrapping candy, and stuffing his face!

I quickly intervened by helping Logan read the bunny's note and sent him off hunting eggs while reassuring him that I was sure he'd find something special in the process.

And, he did...he found Gavin's gift. 

And he was frustrated.  First because he hadn't found his gift.  Second because Gavin was more interested in candy filled eggs than his gift - a concept Logan couldn't quite grasp!

It wasn't long before a squeal of delight alerted me to the discovery of his own gift.  He was thrilled.  It's amazing...we probably did the simplest, most inexpensive gifts ever this year, and I'm not sure Logan has ever been this excited about the gifts!

After that, he was ready to hunt eggs and fill his basket with treats.  The best part:  he quickly found the empty egg and was so excited that he found a "Jesus egg."

Gavin took some coaxing.  Some coaxing to stop opening each egg and eating the contents as he came across them!  He did get into it though, and he would squeal with each discovery.

After all of the eggs were nestled safely in his basket, Gavin was finally ready to pay attention to his gift...which he loved!  (I'm pretty sure I have that Pete the Cat book memorized by now...)

Then it was time to get ready for church.  We went a little early this Sunday so that we could spend time with our church friends before church.  And so I could see the altar...I love the altar at Easter.  There's just something extra special about it on that day, something extra beautiful.

Our church service was wonderful, of course!  Hearing the story of the women discovering the empty tomb and the angels speaking of Jesus being alive...it always moves me.  After all, it is what Easter is all about!

After church we headed to my in-laws house for a big lunch.  The boys also had Easter baskets to enjoy from their Mimi and Papa.  Fishing was the theme this year!

Best part of the afternoon?  Hands down it was watching Papa play Let's Go Fishin' with the boys!

We headed home late that afternoon and spent time drawing with chalk on the driveway, taking a long walk, and grilling hot dogs and brats for a late dinner. 

That night when we tucked the boys into bed tightly hugging their Ugly Dolls, Logan told me that it was the best day ever, that he was glad we had Jesus.  I have to agree...it was the best day ever, and I'm glad we have Jesus, too.