Friday, April 29, 2011

Fang has a new tooth!

Remember this post (like it was sooo long ago) about Gavin?  I reported that he has two top teeth, but they are not his middle teeth; they are his lateral icisors (side teeth).  And he looks like he has fangs.  Well, here's proof...sorta (do you know how hard it is to take a picture of an 8 months old's teeth????)
Can you see them???  Is it wrong if I find this situation so amusing that I kinda hope they grow in a little farther before he gets the middle ones just to see what it looks like?  I mean, until now I didn't even realize that this could happen.  I just assumed (stupidly it seems) that all babies got middle teeth first.

In related news, the second bottom tooth came in sometime between last night and tonight.  This only confirms my suspicions that his baby boy of mine is growing way to quickly for my liking!

P.S. We don't really call him "Fang" as the title of this post implies...but I might start to now that I've thought of it....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Spiderman

Meet Spiderman.

Last night he begged to wear his Spiderman pajamas.  After I put those jammies on him he began referring to himself as Spiderman in the third person. 

When he woke up this morning he insisted on wearing his Spiderman jammies to daycare.  And he continued to refer to himself as Spiderman in the third person...

After work I went to the day care to pick up "Spiderman."  When I got there Brandy showed me this email she had sent me:

Guess what Logan found in the corner of my yard, where the fence meets up??? Cocoa Water! Oh the fun you can have with cocoa water. Did you know that if you put your bare foot it in, your foot comes out with cocoa on it? And guess what happens to spider man pants if you get cocoa water on them? Yep, they turn brown too. But it's not a bad's cocoa brown, and spiderman likes cocoa!
And while we are talking about what spiderman likes....he likes toenails! Want to know how I know?? Logan told me, right after he took one out of his mouth and handed it to me :)

I didn't know whether to laugh or gag!  Some days I don't know what God was thinking sending me - girly girl me - not one, but two boys!  Right now all I know is that I have my own personal Spiderman, and he has one active imagination!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

finding pink in a house of boys....

Welcome to my very first You Capture!  I'm so excited to be joining this weekly photo challenge.  See, I'm desperately attempting to learn how to shoot in manual, and I think this weekly challenge will give me something to focus on every week as I attempt to figure out f-stops, shutter, speed, ISO...and everything else!  The first three pictures are my "serious" pictures (meaning I was shooting in manual), and they are the best of the bunch (in my opinion). 

Do you know how hard it is to find "pink" in a house filled with boys?'s hard!  It was Easter Sunday before I spotted my first bit of pink (the bunny) at a family member's house!
I officially love taking pictures on overcast days - no flash (figuring out flash and how much to use and when to use and so on is more than I can handle right now), but not too much sun either...It stopped raining yesterday just long enough for me to go on a walk with my family and capture these bits of pink.
Now, these three pictures are my "fun" ones meaning that my son, Logan, was helping me find the "pink" and I wasn't shooting in manual. 

He was super excited about his pink cup....looking at this picture now I can see that I was drinking out of a pink cup too! 

Easter eggs!  There was even a pink one in there!

And below that, a pink smiley face magnet and a pink shoe...hey my house had more pink than I thought!  Just took a three year old to see it!

Happy Capturing everyone - thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gavin - 8 months

Gavin was eight months old a little over a week ago.  Here's what he's up to right now:
  • He has fangs!  Yes, I said fangs!  He currently has two top teeth, but he got his side teeth first with the two middle teeth nowhere to be found yet!
  • Gavin also has one tooth on bottom (this one is a center one) and another one just waiting to break the surface.
  • He sits up on his own now with out any problems.
  • He rolls all over the place trying to get to different toys.
  • He's not crawling...yet...but he's sooo close!
  • He grabs at anything an everything now, and all objects are promptly stuffed in his mouth!
  • Gavin babbles all of the time - mamamam, dadada, bababa, lalala - you get the picture!
  • He also likes to make raspberries.  Daddy does not appreciate the amount of drool that doing this leaves all over everything!
  • Gavin loves to eat - as long as it is not a green vegetable.  Anything fruit is his favorite.
  • He's also started trying to "chew" his baby food, so it is time to upgrade to some chunky blends.
  • He desperately wants to be able to feed himself with a spoon, but just hasn't quite figured it out yet.
  • Gavin also likes to naw on MumMums, and Gerber puffs and wagon wheels.
  • We are currently still breastfeeding, but I will be introducing him to some formula in the next week or so...(bummer).
  • He naps twice a day now - once in the morning and again in the early afternoon.  Naps last anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours.
  • He goes to bed around 7 and usually wakes up only once between 1 and 4 to nurse.
  • Sometimes he goes back to sleep after eating....but most of the time he insists on staying awake for at least and hour....
  • Gavin loves music.  If you turn the radio he will begin bouncing and giggling.
  • He is fascinated with facial hair - if you have any watch out because he'll want to feel it and pull on it!
  • He loves to jump in his bouncer and roll around under his play gym.
  • He also likes to just be sat in front of his bucket of toys so he can have at it.
  • Walks are also a favorite - he enjoys riding in the stroller, but still prefers to be carried in the baby sling.
  • Most of all, Gavin loves to be near his big brother.  He watches everything Logan does and gets a kick out of it all!

Gavin is growing and learning so quickly right now.  I feel like time is flying by!  I'm just trying to hang on and enjoy every minute I can.  We are truly blessed to have Gavin in our lives!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away.....

We fell in love with our house pretty much the minute we walked in the front door.  And, the best part wasn't even about the inside of the house.  The best part was the very large fenced-in backyard!  Isn't it pretty?
This picture was taken on a sunny day at the end of May.  We moved in on a hot, dry day in July.  We moved in not having a clue that when the rains came that our very large, very pretty, fenced-in backyard would look like this:

And this:

And this:

It has been raining for three days.  It is supposed to continue to rain for at least two more days.  It will take over a week of sunshine to dry this yard out.  Until then it will be like walking across a sponge - it will "squish" with every step.  The boys will be unable to play in it without getting covered in wet and mud.  BAH!

We've learned a valuable lesson from this situation:  the next time we go to buy a house we will only attend house showings on rainy days! 

In the mean time we spent our rainy evening inside having a dance party.  Justin has a music library on his computer that has over ten thousand songs.  We hooked that baby up to the stereo, blasted the music, and danced!  For over an hour! 

We channeled the late 90's this evening so along with the Backstreet Boys song you hear in the background of the video we listened to Britney, Christina, Blues Traveler, Cherry Popping Daddies, Weird Al parodies, and more.  Logan and I danced, and Gavin let Justin play air drums with his arms and legs (he loves music).  We had a blast!  So, rain rain go away...but until then, we're going to dance!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Day!

"Happy Easter Day, Mommy!"  That's how my day started today, and it was pretty sweet.  Of course it was followed by complete devastation when Logan looked around the living room and realized his Easter basket was no where to be seen.  "Mommy, the bunny didn't come to my house," he pouted.  I had to convince him to go back to his room because I was just sure I had heard a bunny hopping around his room last night (we had to put the baskets in the boys' rooms or else the cats would have made a feast out of the grass).  Logan was pretty happy to realize the bunny had come after all....
It was just the two of us for awhile after that.  We read his new "Chuck book" and played with his "crazy Chuck truck."  Then Gavin was up....I don't think he gave a hoot about bunnies and baskets this year...but he liked the grass...

Then it was a rush to get ready for church.  Justin plays guitar in the praise team so he had to be at church by 8 for practice.  Lucky for me he always takes Logan with him so I only have to worry about keeping Gavin busy while I get ready.  Today it meant I got some extra special cuddle time in with just my baby boy!

Church was beautiful.  I wish I had had my camera so I could have taken a picture of the altar - it was amazing!  I had tears welling up at the beginning when two of the children in our church sang and signed a version of "Amazing Grace."  Best part of church today came after though when I was standing in my kitchen packing baby food up for our trip to Great-grandpa and Gigi's house for lunch.  Logan came up to me and said, "You know, Mommy.  Jesus hung on the cross to get rid of all our sins."  He's only 3 1/2, I know he probably doesn't really grasp what that means (I'm almost 28 and struggle with what that really means sometimes!), but it was still amazing to here him say. 

Then it was on to Gigi's house.  We made a quick stop at Mimi and Papa's house first because they had gotten the boys Easter gifts too.  Of course Logan was excited; Gavin, well, he was still interested in the grass...
After round two of Easter baskets we finally made it to Gigi's for lunch!  We all had a great afternoon eating, talking, and playing.  It was a nice way to end the afternoon. 

Overall, it was a beautiful day!  And with that said, Happy Easter to your family from ours!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A taste of a day in the life Logan....

Logan is my three (almost four) year old son.  He adores all things Toy Story, Inspector Gadget, and Rugrats.  While I'm at work he spends his day at Brandy's house.  Back in February this email from Brandy landed in my inbox at work.

We have a giant of a problem...well not really but our little "Buzz-Gadget-Year" thinks so.  I told him I would email you so you could call the doctor and see what he says.

We had some conversation hearts as a treat for picking up.  Logan swallowed his whole so to keep a melt down from occuring, I gave him another one.  Guess what?  Yep, he swallowed that one too.  Then came the waterworks, "But they are stuck in my froat and they are choking me, see...cough cough cough...I can't get them to stop choking me. (cry, cry, cry, cough, cough, cough)  I need my mommy because she will take me to the doctors and he will put a stick down there and crunch them up...Bwany call Mommy...(cry, cough, cry, cough)"  I finally got him to drink some water even though he assured me that the water wouldn't go down because "those candies are still stuck in my froat!"

Of course he is fine but he insists I get ahold of you so you can take him straight to the doctor.  I even tried to tell him to turn his gadget squasher on and it would squash up the stuff in there.  I should have known better...  "Gadget does not have a gadget squasher that squashes up candy in his froat."  Then I get the whole story abotu how if he doesn't get those candies squahed up they are going to make his belly so big and he will not like a big belly like that.  Then more waterworks and coughing and pleading to get his mom to take him to the doctor.  He will even open his mouth and show you back there in his "froat" and he will show where it's poking out in his belly. 

He is discussing with Ceci about the whole situation while I type this and he said, "My mom's gonna call the doctor and the doctor says 'no more kids eating candy!'"  I'm dying here!!!  Good Lord, remind me to never give conversation hearts to him again!  : D  I told him to lay down and rest and I would email his mom.  Good luck on this one...I'm guessing you are going to have to stop for some magic mnm pills that will squash up whatever is in his throat so he won't get a big belly from swallowing candy whole...sigh, it's Friday :)

Needless to say I was in tears from laughing so hard - my students were looking at me like I was some kind of crazy person! 

Here I Am...

I've been wanting to start a blog for so long now.  I would go through my days thinking "hey wouldn't this (insert event) make a neat blog post?  I think I'll go home and FINALLY start a blog!"  And I would come home and not start a blog.  There was always a good reason - this blog is aptly named afterall because with a full time job, a husband in school full time, and two kids there is always chaos in our house - beautiful, wonderful chaos.  Things probably would have gone on this way, but my husband thinks I need a hobby. I am.

P.S.  Probably would help if I actually shared this web address....I'm going to have to think about that one....