Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gavin - 8 months

Gavin was eight months old a little over a week ago.  Here's what he's up to right now:
  • He has fangs!  Yes, I said fangs!  He currently has two top teeth, but he got his side teeth first with the two middle teeth nowhere to be found yet!
  • Gavin also has one tooth on bottom (this one is a center one) and another one just waiting to break the surface.
  • He sits up on his own now with out any problems.
  • He rolls all over the place trying to get to different toys.
  • He's not crawling...yet...but he's sooo close!
  • He grabs at anything an everything now, and all objects are promptly stuffed in his mouth!
  • Gavin babbles all of the time - mamamam, dadada, bababa, lalala - you get the picture!
  • He also likes to make raspberries.  Daddy does not appreciate the amount of drool that doing this leaves all over everything!
  • Gavin loves to eat - as long as it is not a green vegetable.  Anything fruit is his favorite.
  • He's also started trying to "chew" his baby food, so it is time to upgrade to some chunky blends.
  • He desperately wants to be able to feed himself with a spoon, but just hasn't quite figured it out yet.
  • Gavin also likes to naw on MumMums, and Gerber puffs and wagon wheels.
  • We are currently still breastfeeding, but I will be introducing him to some formula in the next week or so...(bummer).
  • He naps twice a day now - once in the morning and again in the early afternoon.  Naps last anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours.
  • He goes to bed around 7 and usually wakes up only once between 1 and 4 to nurse.
  • Sometimes he goes back to sleep after eating....but most of the time he insists on staying awake for at least and hour....
  • Gavin loves music.  If you turn the radio he will begin bouncing and giggling.
  • He is fascinated with facial hair - if you have any watch out because he'll want to feel it and pull on it!
  • He loves to jump in his bouncer and roll around under his play gym.
  • He also likes to just be sat in front of his bucket of toys so he can have at it.
  • Walks are also a favorite - he enjoys riding in the stroller, but still prefers to be carried in the baby sling.
  • Most of all, Gavin loves to be near his big brother.  He watches everything Logan does and gets a kick out of it all!

Gavin is growing and learning so quickly right now.  I feel like time is flying by!  I'm just trying to hang on and enjoy every minute I can.  We are truly blessed to have Gavin in our lives!

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