Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Spiderman

Meet Spiderman.

Last night he begged to wear his Spiderman pajamas.  After I put those jammies on him he began referring to himself as Spiderman in the third person. 

When he woke up this morning he insisted on wearing his Spiderman jammies to daycare.  And he continued to refer to himself as Spiderman in the third person...

After work I went to the day care to pick up "Spiderman."  When I got there Brandy showed me this email she had sent me:

Guess what Logan found in the corner of my yard, where the fence meets up??? Cocoa Water! Oh the fun you can have with cocoa water. Did you know that if you put your bare foot it in, your foot comes out with cocoa on it? And guess what happens to spider man pants if you get cocoa water on them? Yep, they turn brown too. But it's not a bad's cocoa brown, and spiderman likes cocoa!
And while we are talking about what spiderman likes....he likes toenails! Want to know how I know?? Logan told me, right after he took one out of his mouth and handed it to me :)

I didn't know whether to laugh or gag!  Some days I don't know what God was thinking sending me - girly girl me - not one, but two boys!  Right now all I know is that I have my own personal Spiderman, and he has one active imagination!

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