Wednesday, April 27, 2011

finding pink in a house of boys....

Welcome to my very first You Capture!  I'm so excited to be joining this weekly photo challenge.  See, I'm desperately attempting to learn how to shoot in manual, and I think this weekly challenge will give me something to focus on every week as I attempt to figure out f-stops, shutter, speed, ISO...and everything else!  The first three pictures are my "serious" pictures (meaning I was shooting in manual), and they are the best of the bunch (in my opinion). 

Do you know how hard it is to find "pink" in a house filled with boys?'s hard!  It was Easter Sunday before I spotted my first bit of pink (the bunny) at a family member's house!
I officially love taking pictures on overcast days - no flash (figuring out flash and how much to use and when to use and so on is more than I can handle right now), but not too much sun either...It stopped raining yesterday just long enough for me to go on a walk with my family and capture these bits of pink.
Now, these three pictures are my "fun" ones meaning that my son, Logan, was helping me find the "pink" and I wasn't shooting in manual. 

He was super excited about his pink cup....looking at this picture now I can see that I was drinking out of a pink cup too! 

Easter eggs!  There was even a pink one in there!

And below that, a pink smiley face magnet and a pink shoe...hey my house had more pink than I thought!  Just took a three year old to see it!

Happy Capturing everyone - thanks for stopping by!


  1. nice job. :) I'm also on the beginning journey of learning what all the camera jargon means and how to work it. I love shooing in manual and I think it is THE best way to figure things out. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and your son is really cute. :)

  2. Welcome to You Capture! Looks like you managed to find some pink! :) And you're doing exactly what you need to to learn how to shoot manual- practice, practice. I never thought I'd learn it either- but now I shoot almost exclusively manual and most of the time without much thinking about it. It will come!

  3. Nice shots... So glad you joined us♥

  4. Way to go on your first you capture!

  5. Welcome to You Capture! Great pink finds :) Love the bunny :)