Monday, October 31, 2011

remembering the first pumpkin patch we visited

We took the boys to three different pumpkin patches in three weekends this year.  We went to each one for a different reason.  The first one we went to was located on a farm outside of Marshfield.  We always go to this one because it has the best corn maze - hands down the best.

First things first:  a hayride down to the corn maze.

Then there's the actual corn maze to get through - every year it takes us roughly 30-45 minutes to finish the entire maze (there's a half-way point you can stop at and get out if you like, but we prefer a challenge).

This year we tried to let Logan lead the way as much as possible.  He wasn't too bad at navigation - probably a whole lot better than his Mama in fact.

Gavin was pretty happy to hang out in the sling with me.  Of course I loved this - it is not too often these days that he's willing to let me wear him like this.

When we finally exited the maze, there was an entire line up of creative scarecrows.  Spongebob was the only one Logan was patient enough to stand next to long enough for me to take a picture.

In past years this particular pumpkin patch has been a U-pick pumpkin patch meaning you have to walk out into the field and cut your own pumpkin off the vine.  For whatever reason though this year they had the pumpkins pre-picked and spread out over an empty field.  Trust me, Logan didn't mind one bit.  He ran right out into that field looking for the perfect pumpkin.

In fact, we ended up taking home two pumpkins. 

Turns out Gavin is pretty fascinated with pumpkin picking too...or at least playing with pumpkins anyway.

In the end we had two very tired, dirty, and happy boys.

In my opinion that makes our visit to Pumpkin Patch #1 a major success!

remembering the days before my children started fighting over toys...

This is what life used to look like in our house:

My boys played together nicely.  They shared toys.

Okay, I'll admit...they didn't so much share.  Truthfully, Gavin just didn't care if Logan took stuff from him because he was quick to find something else to play with.

These days that doesn't happen so much.  Gavin has decided to take control.  He will no longer allow his brother to take from him with out a fight.  A fight that involves loud, high pitched screaming.  In the past two weeks I have broken up more fights over toys than I care to think about.  In fact, I'm not going to think about it.  I'm just going to remember the "good old days" when there was peace. 

Like this day:


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remembering the good times in October...

I've been an awful blogger this past month...chalk it up to being really, really busy.  October is always like that - blame it on having to teachers in the house who both hit mid-terms/end of first quarter at the same time.  It gets a little crazy around here.

So - in pictures - here's what we were up to in early October when the weather still felt like summer.

Logan made a bird feeder at Jive (our church's Wednesday night youth group), and of course, he insisted on hanging it as soon as possible (a.k.a. as soon we got home from work/day care the next day).

And right after the bird feeder was hung Logan completely forgot about it and went on to running circles around the flag pole...that's my boy!

And while Logan ran in cirlces Gavin proved to the world that he could climb up and down stairs...

Of course since he learned to climb the stairs on that very nice evening in early October he has learned to climb everything else...Lord, help us!

Okay, now that I've shared I've got to go - laundry is calling my name...ugh.  I'll be back tomorrow night with a few more October memories!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sound Bites

My day care provider is awesome.  Really, really awesome!!!!!  One of the things that makes her awesome is that she sends me emails with stories and/or pictures during the day whenever the boys do something particularly funny.

For instance...

I got this email a couple of weeks ago about Logan...

From the bathroom, this little voice yelled "hey Bwandy, I have a Pwoblem!"
He didn't get himself wiped good at his "schooo" (although we are starting to get the L on there) and there was "brown stuff" all in his brand new airplane underwear!
He wanted me to be sure and tell you that he really didn't poop in his "unnerwear" so that you wouldn't get mad and take his toys away ;)  He's a riot Kassi, a comlete riot!

And then there was this email last week...

Logan is playing house with the girls right now.  He's the daddy.  "The tooting daddy" to be exact...complete with bending to put the rear in the air and making tooting noises.  The girls are laughing like of course he's doing it more :)

Then there are the stories about Gavin...lately most of them seem to be centered around his anoying and terrifying amazing ability to climb.  It started with a picture of Gavin sitting at the little table followed by this email:
He's doing well at the big boy table at lunch. He's thrown the meat in the floor, guess he didn't want that. He did eat all his fruit and is working on the other. He thinks he's big stuff :)

To which I commented back something along the lines of "at least he's not climbing on top of the table."  And then I got this reply:

Oh he did. I pulled him from the top of the table at least 3 times while I cooked. And we had to scootch the little couch away from the wall this morning. He climbed up on the ledge of the wall and was sitting there! I about had a heart attack! And was trying to climb up on the little kitchen when Cy's dad dropped off. I'm in for it!
My children make me laugh daily - even from day care.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Last night Gavin stood up all by himself (something he's been doing for awhile now), and then...

he took steps!!!!

He didn't take more than three at a time before plopping down on his butt, but with every plop he stood himself back up again and took a few more steps.

Guess he's finally decided that after fourteen months it is time to be a big boy now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a little park and a little instagram

So yesterday I took the boys to the park after dinner.

I also put the Instagram app on my iPhone, and between pushing each boy on a swing, I finally figured out how to use it.

And...I think I might be in love.

And I know I'm in love with these two boys.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I need to get my head checked

See this adorable cloth diaper?

It is a gDiaper.  And I gotta say, I'm a really, really BIG fan of gDiapers.

As you can see I have them in a few different colors and patterns because I like them so much.

This particular one happens to be in a very cute green, brown, and blue pattern.

But this one...

...this one was my FAVORITE!!!  (not to mention I got it ON SALE!)

And you know what?  I've LOST the darn thing!  Seriously - I can't find it anywhere!!!  And the worst part is that I can't tell you when I lost it much less where I lost it!  And now, after much searching I have given up.  It is lost. 

Though I guess I'll have plenty of pictures of it since it was my FAVORITE!

Yeah, yeah...I's just a diaper cover (a really, really cute one I can't buy anymore), get over it.  And I time that is. 

I think....

P.S.  If you know where I can find another diaper cover just like this one (since they don't sell it anymore) I would be open to suggestions...  : D

P.P.S  I told you I needed to get my head checked!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

what living in missouri does to a boy

My mother-in-law emailed me this picture of Logan...

I think he's going to fit right in around here...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hanging (literally) Around

Gavin's favorite thing to do:

Yeah...he's hangin upside down and loving every single minute of it!

Riding & Running

Logan has yet to really master the fine art of peddling (a bicycle that is), but sometimes he'll give it a try...

Generally though, his philosophy seems to be Why ride when pushing is easier?

Or better yet...Why ride when running is faster?