Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sound Bites

My day care provider is awesome.  Really, really awesome!!!!!  One of the things that makes her awesome is that she sends me emails with stories and/or pictures during the day whenever the boys do something particularly funny.

For instance...

I got this email a couple of weeks ago about Logan...

From the bathroom, this little voice yelled "hey Bwandy, I have a Pwoblem!"
He didn't get himself wiped good at his "schooo" (although we are starting to get the L on there) and there was "brown stuff" all in his brand new airplane underwear!
He wanted me to be sure and tell you that he really didn't poop in his "unnerwear" so that you wouldn't get mad and take his toys away ;)  He's a riot Kassi, a comlete riot!

And then there was this email last week...

Logan is playing house with the girls right now.  He's the daddy.  "The tooting daddy" to be exact...complete with bending to put the rear in the air and making tooting noises.  The girls are laughing like of course he's doing it more :)

Then there are the stories about Gavin...lately most of them seem to be centered around his anoying and terrifying amazing ability to climb.  It started with a picture of Gavin sitting at the little table followed by this email:
He's doing well at the big boy table at lunch. He's thrown the meat in the floor, guess he didn't want that. He did eat all his fruit and is working on the other. He thinks he's big stuff :)

To which I commented back something along the lines of "at least he's not climbing on top of the table."  And then I got this reply:

Oh he did. I pulled him from the top of the table at least 3 times while I cooked. And we had to scootch the little couch away from the wall this morning. He climbed up on the ledge of the wall and was sitting there! I about had a heart attack! And was trying to climb up on the little kitchen when Cy's dad dropped off. I'm in for it!
My children make me laugh daily - even from day care.

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