Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I need to get my head checked

See this adorable cloth diaper?

It is a gDiaper.  And I gotta say, I'm a really, really BIG fan of gDiapers.

As you can see I have them in a few different colors and patterns because I like them so much.

This particular one happens to be in a very cute green, brown, and blue pattern.

But this one...

...this one was my FAVORITE!!!  (not to mention I got it ON SALE!)

And you know what?  I've LOST the darn thing!  Seriously - I can't find it anywhere!!!  And the worst part is that I can't tell you when I lost it much less where I lost it!  And now, after much searching I have given up.  It is lost. 

Though I guess I'll have plenty of pictures of it since it was my FAVORITE!

Yeah, yeah...I's just a diaper cover (a really, really cute one I can't buy anymore), get over it.  And I time that is. 

I think....

P.S.  If you know where I can find another diaper cover just like this one (since they don't sell it anymore) I would be open to suggestions...  : D

P.P.S  I told you I needed to get my head checked!

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