Monday, October 31, 2011

remembering the first pumpkin patch we visited

We took the boys to three different pumpkin patches in three weekends this year.  We went to each one for a different reason.  The first one we went to was located on a farm outside of Marshfield.  We always go to this one because it has the best corn maze - hands down the best.

First things first:  a hayride down to the corn maze.

Then there's the actual corn maze to get through - every year it takes us roughly 30-45 minutes to finish the entire maze (there's a half-way point you can stop at and get out if you like, but we prefer a challenge).

This year we tried to let Logan lead the way as much as possible.  He wasn't too bad at navigation - probably a whole lot better than his Mama in fact.

Gavin was pretty happy to hang out in the sling with me.  Of course I loved this - it is not too often these days that he's willing to let me wear him like this.

When we finally exited the maze, there was an entire line up of creative scarecrows.  Spongebob was the only one Logan was patient enough to stand next to long enough for me to take a picture.

In past years this particular pumpkin patch has been a U-pick pumpkin patch meaning you have to walk out into the field and cut your own pumpkin off the vine.  For whatever reason though this year they had the pumpkins pre-picked and spread out over an empty field.  Trust me, Logan didn't mind one bit.  He ran right out into that field looking for the perfect pumpkin.

In fact, we ended up taking home two pumpkins. 

Turns out Gavin is pretty fascinated with pumpkin picking too...or at least playing with pumpkins anyway.

In the end we had two very tired, dirty, and happy boys.

In my opinion that makes our visit to Pumpkin Patch #1 a major success!

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