Tuesday, November 1, 2011

remembering the anniversary and the birthday

October 14th started out with me waking up to my alarm clock, stumbling into the bathroom, and finding this...

Happy Anniversary to me!  I think this may be like the third surprise he's ever given me in ten years.  See the 14th is pretty special...it's not only our wedding anniversary, it is also our "dating" anniversary.  10 years ago on this day we started dating, 5 years after that we got married, and now five years later here we are.

The 14th is pretty special for another reason too...

...it is also Justin's birthday.  His 29th birthday to be exact.  (Do I know how to stack dates or what?)Logan and went out to the store where I let him pick out the cake and candles he wanted his daddy to have on his birthday.  'Course we had to buy a present too.  Logan really thought that Justin would want a "big Finn McMissile to share with me" but I steered him toward the movies instead...  Then after work on Friday we presented Justin with the cake, lit the candles, and sang "Happy Birthday!"

Then there was cake cutting and, most important, cake eating...

After that Justin opened presents which I kinda...ummm...forgot to take pictures of...  Ooops!

Then we loaded up the boys, dropped them off at Mimi & Papa's house for the entire night, and headed - just the two of us - out for dinner, shopping, and a movie.  Turns out there were no good movies playing though so it turned into just dinner and shopping.  After that there was sleeping...sleeping past seven in the morning...now that was gift enough!

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