Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Driving Lessons from a Four Year Old

Scene One:

I had just picked up the boys from day care, and we were headed home.  I was stopped in the left lane at a red light when a semi pulled up in the right lane and proceeded to turn right.  This is what I hear from the backseat:

Logan:  Mommy!  What is the truck doing?
Me:  Turning.
Logan:  Mommy, the light is red!  Tell him to stop!
Me having no clue how to explain a "right on red" rule:  I can't.  I guess he's just being a bad driver.
Logan:  He has to stop!  The light is red!
Me:  He's already turned.  Don't worry about it.
Logan:  But the light was red!

This went on for at least two more minutes before he finally dropped it. 

Scene Two:

We were coming up on the same stop light as the previous day, and as I went through the interesection the light turned yellow.  Of course I kept going.  From the back seat I hear:

Logan:  Mommy!  Slow down!
Me:  What?  Why?
Logan:  Mommy, that light was orange.  You need to slow down!
Me unable to explain the "point of no return" rule:  It's okay.  I can drive through the light when it is yellow.
Logan:  But Mommy, yellow means slow down and stop for the red light.
Me:  I know, but I had time to drive through still.
Logan:  No!  You have to slow down.  Yellow means slow down!

This went on for at least five more minutes before he dropped it.

Clearly this means I will have nothing to worry about when he turns sixteen and starts driving his own car right?  RIGHT????

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