Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a sense of style?

After much chasing and wrestling I finally got Gavin zipped up in his footy pajamas.  He much prefers to be naked, so this much fight from him about putting clothes on is not unusual.  After he was dressed he wandered over to Logan (who was still slowly working on pulling on his jammas), picked up his socks (the ones Logan insists on wearing to bed), and then...Gavin ran (okay, toddled) off down the hall with them!

Logan (of course) threw a minny fit and insisted I get his socks back.  To avoid a full on melt down (always possible before bed no matter how small the issue) I chased down Gavin and caught up with him in the living room....where I found him trying to put on Logan's socks!

Gavin smiled at me - happy to see his awesome Mama whom he knew could help him out.  And, of course, I caved.  I pulled Logan's big ole socks on Gavin's feet over his footy pajamas!  If that wasn't funny enough he then walked over to the back door, picked up one of his shoes, carried it back to me, and sat on the floor with his foot out.  Laughing, I complied again and put his shoe on over the sock and jammas.  Then, he got up, went over to the back door, picked up the other shoe, and returned again!  I, once again, complied, and this was the result:

Nothing like editing pictures to show you that your son has something totally gross stuck to the bottom of his shoe!

Add a bulky, super stuffed cloth diaper to this already stylish ensemble...

...and you get twenty some odd pounds of total cuteness that looks something like this:

Isn't this the perfect recipe for a future fashion icon?

Okay, maybe not a future fashion icon...

...but how can you deny the utter cuteness here?

Oh, that's can't!  (Or at least I can't!)

Gavin is now tucked happily in to bed...minus the shoes.  But, he did keep the socks on...

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