Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Tour

I guess this post could also be titled "A Belated Thanksgiving ~ Part III" since we did all of our Christmas decorating over Thanksgiving break.  But, since I'm a lazy blogger who is just getting around to doing this post I'll just call it what it is:  a tour of our house filled with Christmas decorations.

First there is the boys' tree which I've mentioned already:

Then there is our big tree.  Normally we put this one in front of our big living room window, but we decided to change things up a bit this year and put it against a wall next to our living room.

Of course there is the nativity (I actually put that up before Thanksgiving):

And then there are the little odds and ends in the area:

Then there is the second nativity along with a few snowmen in the dinning room:

Then with the exception of the angels which are out all year long there are some odds and ends on top of the entertainment stand:

And I just realized there's another itty bitty tree in our bedroom that I don't have a picture of and all of the Christmas stuffed animals that are now under the boys' tree which I don't have a picture I guess this makes this tour slightly incomplete....

Oh well...Merry Christmas anyway!

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