Monday, December 19, 2011

Couch to 5k ~ Week Two

Week Two:
  1. 5 minute warm up walk
  2. alternate 90 seconds jogging with 2 minutes walking for 20 minutes
  3. 5 minute cool down walk
I finished Week Two on Sunday.  My goal is to run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but the weather has required to me to be very flexible.  This week I ran on Tuesday and then had to wait until Friday to run again which pushed my Saturday run back to Sunday.  At least it all worked out.

Tuesday's run was a piece of cake.  I thought I had it made for the week it was so easy.  And then came Friday.  Five minutes in I had a rotten side ache and wondered if I would even make it through to the end.  I kept pushing though and in the last five minutes of running I finally found my groove...just in time to be done.  Then Sunday's temperature was in the high fifties - perfect for running in just pants and a long sleeve T-shirt.  I found my stride right from the start and cruised through.  I felt amazing when I had finished!

I'm looking forward to this week.  And, one of my co-workers just brought in a treadmill to put in our building so now I'll be able to run regardless of the weather!

(If you care about how Week One went click here.)

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