Monday, December 12, 2011

Couch to 5k ~ Week 1

Have you heard about Couch to 5k?  My sister is the first person that told me about it sometime last spring.  Then one of my favorite bloggers started writing about her experience doing the program.  So, back in July - you know when it was really too hot to be doing any kind of outdoor exercise - I decided to start my own Couch to 5k adventure.  And I did really well...for awhile.  I got to the second to last week of the program and could run 25 minutes straight, and then I just stopped running.

I had a lot of reasons to stop running...all of them no good and all of them too personal for me to feel comfortable sharing at this point.

But, here I am.  Ready to start again.  Of course, now it is not too hot.  It's just too cold.  I have to stop choosing times of extreme weather to start these outdoor excersize programs!

Week One looks like this:
  • five minute warm up walk
  • alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for twenty minutes
  • five minute cool down walk
I actually did this last week starting on Tuesday.  I went to the park after work and ran on the trail there...despite the fact that it was only like 30 degrees out and it was spitting snow.  Then I was supposed to run again on Thursday, but I had a cold (maybe from running outside in the snow???) and took the day off.  But I picked it up again on Saturday, and it felt great!

So I'm officially done with Week One and ready to start on Week Two tomorrow afternoon.  My plan is to keep a log of sorts on how I'm doing.  Hopefully it will keep me motivated!  Then come spring maybe Justin and I will finally run a 5k (my first!) together like we've been talking about doing!

So, here I go...cold weather or not!

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