Monday, November 28, 2011

A Belated Thanksgiving ~ Part I

Yes, yes, I know...I'm late again on posting.  I couldn't help it.  I was having so much fun relaxing and playing with my children over this past long weekend that I just didn't feel like blogging about it right then.  But I'm here today, reading to remember and share all the little things we spent time doing over the past five days (yes, FIVE days...I'm a teacher who was on break officially at 3:15 on Tuesday afternoon).

This is the first holiday weekend in the history of EVER that Justin and I had all of the same days off from work.  That meant that starting Wednesday morning our little family of four was looking at five days worth of togetherness.  We started it off with a shopping trip to Springfield.  Logan wanted to see Santa Clause so we took him to the mall where he promptly stood six feet outside of "Santa's Village" and hid behind my legs with quick peeks around now and then to get a glimpse of Santa.  He would not for any reason actually get close to the jolly man in the red suit.  In fact, he's never sat on Santa's lap - he's always refused which is actually shocking because generally he is not afraid of anybody.  After we walked away from Santa he promptly told me that later "me and santa are gonna have a little talk in my room."  Okay, Buddy, whatever suits your fancy.

Next on the list was lunch at Hu Hot (or the "Mall Chinese House" as Logan calls it).  Kids three and under eat free there (Yay!), and I'm pretty sure they charged us for the wrong kid.  See, all Logan did was pick at his noodles while Gavin finished off Logan's plate and part of mine.  Logan should be able to eat free wherever we go since he hardly eats whenever we're away from home. 

Then we were on our way to Target - the real reason for coming to Springfield that day.  See, I had found a little 4 foot Christmas tree there that was on sale that I just had to have!  I wanted it for the boys' bedroom - a tree that they could decorate.  We have a huge tree that we put up in our living room, but it is one of those "fancy" know where all the ornaments follow a color scheme and everything matches and it perfectly placed.  Not really a "kid friendly" kind of tree.  In the meantime I have this tub of ornaments that never get put out and I thought they would be perfect for the boys to use to decorate their own tree.  Once we had the tree purchased and one fit by Logan (over not getting a toy while we were there) barely averted, we headed to Barnes & Noble for coffee and snacks, and then we were on our way home.

Of course when we got home the first thing Logan wanted to do was put up his new Christmas tree.  So we did!  That's the great thing about time schedules to keep, no rushing about.  And up the tree went!

Gavin had little interest in the actual tree, but the box was fun times...

Before we knew it the tree was up and fluffed and it was time for dinner...much to Logan's disappointment.  He was ready to decorate!  But we made him eat, bathe, and get his jammies on before the decorating could begin.

When it was all finished both boys were very pleased with the outcome (not that Gavin would stick around for a picture know places to go...).

No doubt about was a great first day to our Thanksgiving weekend.

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