Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Belated Thanksgiving ~ Part II

My in-laws hosted our family Thanksgiving dinner at their house, but we, Justin and I, did the cooking.  Hey - their house is way bigger and it means I got out of the cleaning!  Of course this also means that I was up at 5:30 that morning getting ready and then getting two kids ready and then loading up the car and then driving the ten miles out to the house.  Two hours later all four of us were out at my in-laws house.  The boys played while Justin and I chopped, sauteed, and cooked dinner.  In between tasks I snuck in glimpses of the parade on TV and cheered with Logan as Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman made their appearances.  Gavin preferred to spread his toys out...right in front of the dishwahser and sink...to play.  Then dinner was served and both children actually ate and liked the food.  Afterwards I took Gavin upstairs to play while conveniently letting everyone else do the dishes.

It was perfect.

The only thing I wanted was a good picture of my boys together on Thanksgiving and a nice, new, updated family photo.

Instead I got cheesy grins...

...a run-a-way baby...

...and one lone picture of me while I was fooling around with my camera.

There are no pictures of our family, no pictures of grandparents.  But there are pictures of Gavin playing the piano and stuffing undecorated Christmas cookies in his mouth.

The truth is my kids and my self and my family just weren't up for a photo shoot on this holiday.  But that's okay, because those cheesey grins are pretty awesome too...

Sometimes not following the plan, leaving the agenda behind, is the best thing I can do.  It was all pretty perfect.

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