Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away.....

We fell in love with our house pretty much the minute we walked in the front door.  And, the best part wasn't even about the inside of the house.  The best part was the very large fenced-in backyard!  Isn't it pretty?
This picture was taken on a sunny day at the end of May.  We moved in on a hot, dry day in July.  We moved in not having a clue that when the rains came that our very large, very pretty, fenced-in backyard would look like this:

And this:

And this:

It has been raining for three days.  It is supposed to continue to rain for at least two more days.  It will take over a week of sunshine to dry this yard out.  Until then it will be like walking across a sponge - it will "squish" with every step.  The boys will be unable to play in it without getting covered in wet and mud.  BAH!

We've learned a valuable lesson from this situation:  the next time we go to buy a house we will only attend house showings on rainy days! 

In the mean time we spent our rainy evening inside having a dance party.  Justin has a music library on his computer that has over ten thousand songs.  We hooked that baby up to the stereo, blasted the music, and danced!  For over an hour! 

We channeled the late 90's this evening so along with the Backstreet Boys song you hear in the background of the video we listened to Britney, Christina, Blues Traveler, Cherry Popping Daddies, Weird Al parodies, and more.  Logan and I danced, and Gavin let Justin play air drums with his arms and legs (he loves music).  We had a blast!  So, rain rain go away...but until then, we're going to dance!

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