Saturday, April 23, 2011

A taste of a day in the life Logan....

Logan is my three (almost four) year old son.  He adores all things Toy Story, Inspector Gadget, and Rugrats.  While I'm at work he spends his day at Brandy's house.  Back in February this email from Brandy landed in my inbox at work.

We have a giant of a problem...well not really but our little "Buzz-Gadget-Year" thinks so.  I told him I would email you so you could call the doctor and see what he says.

We had some conversation hearts as a treat for picking up.  Logan swallowed his whole so to keep a melt down from occuring, I gave him another one.  Guess what?  Yep, he swallowed that one too.  Then came the waterworks, "But they are stuck in my froat and they are choking me, see...cough cough cough...I can't get them to stop choking me. (cry, cry, cry, cough, cough, cough)  I need my mommy because she will take me to the doctors and he will put a stick down there and crunch them up...Bwany call Mommy...(cry, cough, cry, cough)"  I finally got him to drink some water even though he assured me that the water wouldn't go down because "those candies are still stuck in my froat!"

Of course he is fine but he insists I get ahold of you so you can take him straight to the doctor.  I even tried to tell him to turn his gadget squasher on and it would squash up the stuff in there.  I should have known better...  "Gadget does not have a gadget squasher that squashes up candy in his froat."  Then I get the whole story abotu how if he doesn't get those candies squahed up they are going to make his belly so big and he will not like a big belly like that.  Then more waterworks and coughing and pleading to get his mom to take him to the doctor.  He will even open his mouth and show you back there in his "froat" and he will show where it's poking out in his belly. 

He is discussing with Ceci about the whole situation while I type this and he said, "My mom's gonna call the doctor and the doctor says 'no more kids eating candy!'"  I'm dying here!!!  Good Lord, remind me to never give conversation hearts to him again!  : D  I told him to lay down and rest and I would email his mom.  Good luck on this one...I'm guessing you are going to have to stop for some magic mnm pills that will squash up whatever is in his throat so he won't get a big belly from swallowing candy whole...sigh, it's Friday :)

Needless to say I was in tears from laughing so hard - my students were looking at me like I was some kind of crazy person! 

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