Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Thanksgiving

426.  Dark green grass spread across the ground
427.  Patches of purple (so what if they're just "weeds") interrupting the flow of green
428.  Trees flowering white
429.  Purple buds on thin branches
430.  Flowers blooming
431.  Trees budding green
432.  The first catch of the year (made by Logan)
434.  Walks in sandals, sun warm on my feet
435.  New rug, plush under bare feet, perfect for playing it seems
435.  A weekend visit from family
436.  Fire burning warm in the chimnea on a cool spring night
437.  The smell of chlorine on the damp air
438.  Splashes and giggles from two little boys in the pool
439.  Wet sand molded into shapes by small hands
440.  Lawnmowers buzzing all around
441.  Gavin behind Daddy pushing his own little mower
...To Be Continued...

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