Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Happy May Day, everyone! 

(The first of May is "May Day"?  Right?  I'm not just remembering this wrong am I?)

(And what happened to May Day baskets?  You know that tradition of making up styrofoam cups filled with candy and stuff, dropping them on door steps, and running away?)

Okay, enough parentheses.


So...I haven't been much of a blogger as of late.  I mean, I put up my Easter post a zillion weeks after the fact, and even my 1000 Gifts posts have been lacking - both in print and in my brain. 

And...I haven't been much of a "photographer" (that's in quotes because I'm not really a photographer in the first place) lately.  Meaning I don't think I snapped one picture with a camera since Easter. 

Oh...and I haven't been reading either.  I've finished like two books in April.  Maybe three.  That's like a week's worth of reading for me typically.

Hmmm...haven't been scrapbooking either.

Or cooking delicious new recipes.

There's been bare minimal cleaning.

Seriously, looking back on the month of April I'm tempted to ask myself, "Self, what did you do all month long?  I mean, your house is messy, your blog is empty, your camera is dusty, and your books still have fresh binding!"

Here's what I have been doing:
  • playing with my children outside
  • watching movies with my husband
  • playing with my children inside
  • lounging around talking to my husband
  • reading to my children
  • snuggling up in bed with my husband
  • tickling my children
  • being tickled by my husband
...and the list goes on...

And it all involves my family.  Almost every minute of my spare time I've spent living and enjoying each moment with people I love more than anything else in this world.  I don't have pictures or lists to remember April by, but I do hope to always have this feeling of overwhelming joy everytime I look back and think of April 2013. 

April was amazing!

Now, I'm ready for May!

(Please bring on the sunshine, warm temps, and fun!)

(May May (hehehe) be even more awesome than April!)

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