Tuesday, May 21, 2013

time to bloom!

Yesterday was the last day of school, and Logan has officially finished kindergarten!  To celebrate the end of the year, the school held a "Blooming Night" - a time to congratulate each little kindergartner for their successful year and celebrate moving on to first grade. 

Logan's night included not only his class, but also three other kindergarten classes.  Each class walked out on to the stage and filled up the risers, and then they waited while the teachers got set and introduced the group.  Logan was wearing his "Tony Stark" shirt (meaning a button down over a T-shirt like Tony in Iron Man).  He had told me he was going out on stage with it all buttoned up, and up there he would unbutton it...and sure enough he did!

And once the shirt was unbuttoned, he had to button it right up again.  He struggled with this, and even though the little girl next to him tried to lend him a hand, he still didn't quite get the buttons lined up right.  It sure was cute to watch him and his little friend try to figure it out though!

Next up on the program...Singing!  And little poems!  And of course actions to go with each performance!

After the singing, each teacher stood up and listed off all of the students in the class.  Logan's class was last, and when his name was called, he gave me a big wave!

After the program, we got to go over to a table and look at all of the special work of Logan's that had been collected and put into a binder throughout the school year.  It was amazing to see how far he had come in just one school year!

Kindergarten hasn't been a smooth journey for Logan (or me for that matter), but we made it!  There is no doubt in my mind - or his teacher's - that Logan is ready for first grade this fall in all ways!  I'm so proud of my little man!  Way to go, Logan!

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