Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Sunday ~ a glimpse into how we celebrated this year

We try really hard to keep the focus of Easter on Jesus.  We also try to maintain a spirit of fun and imgaination.  This year I probably did my best work yet melding the two together (a bit of thanks going toward Pinterest of course). 

Saturday night I wrote a letter, stuffed and "hid" eggs, made gift "tags", and hid small gifts.

Sunday morning the boys were up shortly after six...and very confused when confronted with empty baskets!  Logan was more concerned than Gavin - he was sure he must have done something bad to have the bunny not come.  Gavin, on the other hand, just started popping open eggs, unwrapping candy, and stuffing his face!

I quickly intervened by helping Logan read the bunny's note and sent him off hunting eggs while reassuring him that I was sure he'd find something special in the process.

And, he did...he found Gavin's gift. 

And he was frustrated.  First because he hadn't found his gift.  Second because Gavin was more interested in candy filled eggs than his gift - a concept Logan couldn't quite grasp!

It wasn't long before a squeal of delight alerted me to the discovery of his own gift.  He was thrilled.  It's amazing...we probably did the simplest, most inexpensive gifts ever this year, and I'm not sure Logan has ever been this excited about the gifts!

After that, he was ready to hunt eggs and fill his basket with treats.  The best part:  he quickly found the empty egg and was so excited that he found a "Jesus egg."

Gavin took some coaxing.  Some coaxing to stop opening each egg and eating the contents as he came across them!  He did get into it though, and he would squeal with each discovery.

After all of the eggs were nestled safely in his basket, Gavin was finally ready to pay attention to his gift...which he loved!  (I'm pretty sure I have that Pete the Cat book memorized by now...)

Then it was time to get ready for church.  We went a little early this Sunday so that we could spend time with our church friends before church.  And so I could see the altar...I love the altar at Easter.  There's just something extra special about it on that day, something extra beautiful.

Our church service was wonderful, of course!  Hearing the story of the women discovering the empty tomb and the angels speaking of Jesus being always moves me.  After all, it is what Easter is all about!

After church we headed to my in-laws house for a big lunch.  The boys also had Easter baskets to enjoy from their Mimi and Papa.  Fishing was the theme this year!

Best part of the afternoon?  Hands down it was watching Papa play Let's Go Fishin' with the boys!

We headed home late that afternoon and spent time drawing with chalk on the driveway, taking a long walk, and grilling hot dogs and brats for a late dinner. 

That night when we tucked the boys into bed tightly hugging their Ugly Dolls, Logan told me that it was the best day ever, that he was glad we had Jesus.  I have to was the best day ever, and I'm glad we have Jesus, too.

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