Tuesday, December 17, 2013

finishing my gifts up for the year ~ part I


701.  140 lbs. squats
702.  A rainy Saturday spent in bed with a good book
703.  Family movie time:  The Croods
704.  Time for an afternoon nap on the couch
705.  Snuggling up in bed with Gavin and books
706.  Wight loss achieved again - finally!
707.  Amazing chest workout - proof of the strength I've gained
708.  Slumber party for the boys at Mimi's house
709.  24 hours just me and Justin!
710.  Askinosie chocolate
711.  Anniversary tea kettle
712.  Trying a new restaurant (Kai) with success!
713.  Sleeping in...
714.  ...and waking up slowly!
715.  Reuniting with my "babies" after date night
716.  "Mommy, I miss you!" - Gavin
717.  7 years of marriage!
718.  31 birthdays for Justin!
719.  Oranges, yellows, and reds coloring trees and bushes everywhere
720.  The Fall Season
721.  A crafterday at Whimsy:  friends, scrapbooking, good food, and a back massage!
722.  Justin's "boys day out" with our children:  Bass Pro fun!
723.  Our "Superstar Squat Sitter" Kodie taking the boys to the Boo Bash
724.  A day spent with my boys:  arts & crafts, lunch out, and a trip to Springfield
725.  Dinner out as a family to Bambinos
726.  Spooktacular at the zoo with my "Power Ranger" and "Ninja Turtle"
727.  Trip to the Gunter Farms Pumpkin Patch:  games, corn mazes, a hay ride, and pumpkins!
728.  Scooping out pumpkin guts with the boys
729.  Sorting out pumpkin seeds with Gavin to make a tasty snack
730.  Justin's artistic skills put to use carving pumpkins
731.  Creating "Mr. Potato Head" pumpkins with the boys
732.  All the doctors, nurses, and staff that worked together to save Jeff, my father-in-law
733.  Justin's safe travels on his emergency trip to Iowa
734.  My sister's knowledge, comfort, and hospitality to all of us - especially Justin - during this hard time
735.  Celebrating Halloween with Logan's first grade class:  a costume parade and party!
736.  Jack - o - lantern pizza for dinner on Halloween
737.  Spending time with Mimi on Halloween
738.  Rain letting up in time for trick-or-treating!
739.  Justin and I taking the boys out door to door together this year
740.  Logan & Gavin trooping confidently door to door - "Trick-or-Treat!"


741.  A weekend visit from mom and dad:  swimming, grilling, & Miner Mikes
742.  Frost thick and white across roof tops and cars in the early morning...
743.  ...and a garage to park my car in at night!
744.  Boys sleeping soundly on a long car ride
745.  A family visit to see Grandpa Jeff in the hospital
746.  Jeff's continued improvement...hopefully getting him on the transplant list
747.  Walking down memory land:  The doll house outside of the pediatrics clinic
748.  Trying a new restaurant with Grandma & Grandpa (my mom and dad)
749.  Mattress turned mountain to scale up, turned slide to ride down  Again and again and again...
750.  Communion meditation delivered by Justin from Iowa via cell phone to our home church
751.  Sharing the bread & cup (in this case coffee & bagel) with my boys, Jeff, Janet, and Jordon
752.  A rooftop playground!
753.  Miniature Hawkeye fans!
754.  Reading in bed with Justin late into the night
755.  A runners high after my BEST! RUN! EVER!
756.  Saturday morning visit and lunch with out of town friends
757.  Snuggling up with a sweet little two month old baby boy
758.  Justin on vacation with us for Thanksgiving for the first time ever!
759.  Decorating the house for Christmas with my little boys' helping hands
760.  Opening boxes of handmade ornaments from my children...remembering when they were smaller and and making new memories now that they are bigger!
761.  Gavin and Logan, together decorating their very own Christmas tree
762.  Thanksgiving Day!
763.  A Thanksgiving face time call with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Dannielle
764.  Snuggled up on the couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Logan
765.  Thanksgiving dinner with family
766.  Watching my boys happily play with their big cousin Spencer
767.  Snicker Doodle Cheesecake - YUM!
768.  Frozen - a movie theater movie with my family on Thanksgiving afternoon
769.  The day after - a lazy day in pjs (no Black Friday shopping for this family!)
770.  Setting up the Nativities with my boys - listening to them (well, mostly Logan) tell me the Christmas story!
771.  Our house:  Warm, cozy, and decorated in it's best Christmas cheer to date!
772.  Gavin and Logan opening their elf, Tony - the beginning of our Elf on a Shelf tradition for this year!


773.  Sunrise on a foggy morning

774.  The smell of burning leaves in the air
775.  Gavin and Logan opening their first day of Christmas book - the start of a new tradition in our home!
776.  Watching my boys take turns moving the star on our advent calendar each day and discovering the fun activity planned for that day!
777.  Little boys enjoying their first candy canes of the season ~ one of our daily planned "Christmas activities"
778.  A new hair color for me!
779.  More Elf on a Shelf fun - hearing the boys' shouts of excitement each morning when they find Tony for the day!
780.  Our family Jesse Tree ~ another new holiday tradition in the making
781.  Reading each days Bible verse with my boys and watching them take turns hanging that day's advent ornament on our Jesse Tree
782.  Shopping for the "Feed a Family for a Day" charity

783.  Logan's excitement to buy cans of food for his school's food drive
784.  Reading Christmas books together each night
785.  An early release from school for snow means an afternoon of fun at home!
786.  The first snow fall of winter!
787.  Cups of hot cocoa with the boys on a chilly afternoon
788.  Cutting out snowflakes and watching them fly (Logan had the idea to put them on the ceiling fan and then turn it on - works well!)
789.  This year's Advent study: The Greatest Gift
790.  Meeting with my Bon Bon Girls Bible study group despite the snowy weather
791.  Snow falling in the glow of a street light

792.  Big chair, warm blanket, curled up kitty on my lap, and my Bible - a good night!

793.  Mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking Gingerbread cookies at Mimi's - Logan did an amazing job!
794.  Another day off from school for weather giving us plenty of time to decorate all those Gingerbread men!
795.  A blanket of snow covering the back yard
796.  My little angel making a snow angel

797.  Logan and Gavin driving their trucks through the snow
798.  Justin reading the day's Advent Bible verse to the boys
799.  Back in school - finally! 
800.  A new lung for Jeff...
801.  ...and a successful surgery!
802.  Safe travels to and from Springfield for Justin on an icy day!
803.  Playing Memory and Sorry with Logan, Gavin, and Justin
804.  A streak of warm days to melt the snow quickly...
805.  ...and pretty icicles as big as my boys because of it!

806.  Making up teacher gifts with Logan and Gavin
807.  A delicious dinner at the Olive Garden with Justin...
808.  ...followed by The Hobbit on the big screen!
809.  Gavin - an expert Christmas tree decorator at the church Christmas party!

810.  Christmas cookies, chili, homemade chicken noodle soup, and fellowship after church
811.  Christmas wrapping - I LOVE wrapping up gifts neat and pretty!
812.  A family day of crafting...scrapbooking, Christmas ornaments, & minis!


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