Friday, March 13, 2015

Remember memes?  Yeah, I don't.  By the time I ever figured out what they heck they were, the were already "so yesterday!" honor of all the memes I never did, here's one I stole from one of my favorite bloggers!

A – Are you single?
Nope!  Married 8+ years!

B – Birthday?
June 28th.  And I'm officially well into my 30s now...

C – Crush?
Adam Levine...I'm so glad The Voice is back again!

D – Drink you last had?
Water.  In fact, all I have had today is water and coffee.  Actually, that's pretty much all I ever drink...

E – Easiest person to talk to?
Hmmm...tough one.  Depends on what I want to talk about!

F – Favorite song?
Right now...Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire."  Just got off a huge Lord of the Rings/Hobbit kick with my family!

G – Good at?
Reading books.  I really, really like reading books!

H – Hair color?
Dark brown with lots of blond highlights - I have an excellent hair stylist!

I – In love with?
Snuggling with Justin, big squeeze hugs from my boys, kitties, laundry fresh from the dryer, sunshine, long walks, good books, pizza  :-)

J – Jealous of?

K – Known as?
Mom, Mommy, Kass, Kassie, Mrs.

L  – Longest relationship?
Justin and I will have been together 14 years in October!

M – Middle name?
Kaye.  My mom says she always knew she'd name her first daughter Kassandra Kaye.

N – Number?
I don't have a number.  I've never understood the concept of a "favorite number."  Maybe because I never played sports????

O – One wish?
Good health and safety and love for all of my favorite people forever!

P – Person last texted?
Justin.  I had to tell him my back tire had an audible leak so he would offer to take care of it for me tomorrow morning...  :-D

Q – Question always asked?
What's for dinner?  Or...Why do I have to go to bed?!  (This one involves much wailing and carrying on.)

T – Time you woke up?
6:00 a.m.  But normally I try to get up earlier and work out. 

U – Underwear color?
I think they're black and white today...but I don't remember for sure.

V – Violent moment?
I'll go with a recent one:  I got an email informing me that I had to make ANOTHER change to a curriculum I was writing by THAT DAY in order for it to go before the school board.  I wanted to kick the poor, unsuspecting, just trying to be helpful person in the face, because I didn't want to look at that curriculum every again at that point!  (I didn't though.  Instead I made the change, and my curriculum WAS school board approved though - WOOHOO!)

W – Worst fear?
Snakes.  They make me scream and cry like a child.  Oh, and I have a small child who thinks they are SO! COOL!  Lord help me!

X – Ex you never stopped loving?
I never loved any of my exes.  Not like that anyway.  Seriously, they were all perfectly nice guys, I just was never there. 

Y – Your last hug?
Hmmm...I think the last person to give me a hug was Justin this morning.  Seems my oldest is now "too cool" to do hugs at the 2nd grade drop off, and Gavin was so transfixed by the TV at day care this morning that I'm not sure he saw me leave...

Z – Zodiac sign?

Now! If you're still out there and read this much neglected blog, answer one (or more!) of these about yourself in the comments below!

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