Monday, July 1, 2013

starting july by remembering june

534.  Popsicles on the back patio
535.  Sunshine at Six Flags in St. Louis
536.  Squeezing into kid rides with my boys
537.  Logan grinning, excited to ride a few all by himself
538.  Ice cream served up in freshly baked waffle cones
539.  Car ride home, boys sleeping soundly in the backseat exhausted from a fun day

540.  Scrapbooking date with a good friend
541.  Fasting Attempting a fast in support of Justin
542.  Low fog draped across early morning ground
543.  Filling a water gun over and over and over for Gavin to shoot
544.  Chasing the boys through the backyard...squirt gun in hand!
545.  A Papa, Dad, and Logan fishing trip on Father's Day
546.  Justin...a great father to our boys
547.  A happy union between Sonic and homework
548.  A trick dog show at the library with Logan
549.  Boys meet power wheel...and SHARE!
550.  Justin taking a day off from work to spend with me
551.  Pecan waffles smothered in butter and sweet syrup...YUM!
552.  A seven mile hike in two hours and fifty-nine minutes!
553.  Watching father and sons play in the backyard sunshine
554.  Four generations on a Sunday afternoon fishing trip
557.  Monday matinee Pixar movie (Monster's University) with my boys
558.  Logan's quick recovery from a stomach virus
559.  Hugs all around on my birthday!
560.  Turning 30!
564.  Swimming at the "big pool" with Logan and Gavin
565.  A surprise birthday party for me at Whimsy!
566.  Chocolate caramel cheesecake and birthday wishes blown out on a candle
567.  Unexpected gifts!
568.  My Logan lost and then found!  (Bet he will stay in the car when told to from now on!)
569.  An Iron Man birthday cake made special from the Heaven Scent Bakery
570.  A big bunch of birthday balloons for the birthday boy
571.  Logan...six years old!
572.  Excitement and hugs for new books and a load of fishing tackle!
573.  A family party to celebrate a special boy
574.  Brats and hot dogs grilled up and eaten around the patio table
575.  Bashing a pinata full of treats...and beating the sudden storm that blew in and out quickly
576.  Six candles on the cake, lit and blown out by Logan
577.  Desnse choclate cake frosted sweet!
578.  Legos and more legos for the excited birthday boy
579.  A famiy game of catch the football in the backyard
580.  A new purse for me - a belated birthday gift!
581.  Curled up together for The Avengers
582.  Finishing our storybook Bible!
583.  Discovering Logan's first loose tooth!
584.  Sparklers to finish up the perfect birthday party
585.  Eight tiny kittens piled together
586.  Gentle touches against soft fur
587.  Tiny paws outstretched
588.  Tiny mouths forming tiny yawns
589.  Gavin "driving" the riding lawn mower
590.  "De ja vu" watching Gavin "mow" with the seeder...just like Logan once upon a time!

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