Wednesday, May 2, 2012

breaking the fast

On Sunday I gave myself a challenge:  a three day fast.


For weeks now I have been feeling this push to do this.  It almost felt like a compulsion - I had to do this!  I haven't been able to figure out how to put into words why I needed to do this.  It was an opportunity to grow closer to God, a chance to gain some life perspective, a reminder about what in my life I do have control over.  It was a desire to do all of these things and more. 

So.....for three days I have done nothing but drink water, Vitamin Water, and Gatorade.  There were times that were very easy, other that were more difficult, and there were moments that were down right excruciating!  But in those moments of weakness, I found strength in God.  In those good moments I found real joy in my life and what I am doing.  And in the difficult moments I found out how good and supportive my friends are.

At six o'clock I reached my goal!  And this is how I celebrated:

My husband - my friend - Justin brought home these leftovers from my new favorite italian restaurant and left them for me to celebrate my first meal in three days with!  I don't know if I can ever fully express how amazing and supportive he was through this entire process.  I honestly believe that his presence made all of this easier for me.

There is a tough road ahead of me, many challenges to face in the very near future.  This process has shown me that with the support of God and my friends I do have the strength to make it through any difficult time ahead.  I am starting to see myself more clearly, my value and worth.  I am starting to discover my own personal happiness - a happiness that exists despite the storm I have lived in for these past few months.  I can see hope for the future, no matter what that future holds for me.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I imagine that was not an easy feat! :) I'm glad you had support through that time and it looks like you had a yummy celebration. :)

    Congratulations on reaching your goal! :)