Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taking Charge ~ My Personal 10 Commandments

So over the last few months I feel as if I have completely lost control of my own life.  It is my own fault really.  Sure, bad things have happened to me in the last few months, but I am the one who chose to react the way I did.  I was the one who chose to let my hurt and anger consume me, to focus only on things I had absolutely no power to change.  And, by doing all of this, I have lost control of my own life, of the things that I do have the power to control and exact change upon. 

Now I'm here to proclaim that I am taking charge again.  Except this time I'm only taking charge of me.  This time I'm going to take care of me so that I can better take care (not take charge) of the ones I love.

Here are my 10 Commandments to myself:
  1. I will not put God at the end of my "To-Do" lists.  I will make Him a central part of my life through prayer, Bible reading, small group, and church.
  2. I will not bury what I am thinking or feeling because I think by doing so I will save someone else from being hurt.  I will however work on sharing my feelings in an appropriate, loving way at an appropriate time.
  3. I will not let the opinions (or preceived opinions) of others dictate how I feel about myself.  I will focus on the qualities and characteristics in me that I know are positive, and I will find value, happiness, and love for myself.
  4. I will not be afraid to try new things.  I will take on new challenges even at the risk of failure.
  5. I will not take my friends or family for granted.  I will lean on them for support and understanding when I need it, and I will take every opportunity to let them know how much I love and appreciate them.
  6. I will not place impossible expectations on my children.  I will let them be kids and take care of business accordingly.
  7. I will not want for things I do not need or let a sense of entitlement take control of my life.  I will focus on the things I do have and thank God every day for the blessings He has given to me and my family.
  8. I will not criticize my body anymore.  I will however work hard to take better care of it by exercising regularly and using some self-control with food.
  9. I will not make excuses for not doing the things I love.  I will make time to work on my photography skills, read, scrapbook, blog, and play the clarinet.
  10. I will not obsess about the state of my house.  I will get things done when I can, and I will delegate and ask for help as needed.
I've taken the first step to taking charge of my life, and I'm throwing it out there for everyone to see.  Pray for me.  Keep me accountable.  Be my friend.

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