Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The last gifts from February

296.  two good cars to drive
297.  health insurance for our family
298.  first session with my personal trainer
299.  new jeans to fit Logan's growing legs
300.  dirt under my finger nails
301.  damp smell of earth, potting soild to grow a flower
302.  movie night at church
303.  sounds of laughter all around
304.  shared Spider-man gummies
305.  undercooked brownies made for Justin
306.  the scale's downward slide
307.  curled up with my "babies" on the couch
308.  forgiveness and reconciliation in my most precious relationships
309.  emails from good friends
310.  daily devotionals...books and emails!
311.  Snow (really, it was ice) days!
312.  ting, ting, ting!  sleet hitting the window
313.  snow-ice, grainy like sand under my feet
314.  hands clasped together, one boy on each side
315.  laying on the couch, Gavin's weight across my ches as he rests on me
316.  boys crawling around on hands and knees, tongues lolling, being puppy dogs
317.  smell of freshly shampooed boy hair, clean with hints of coconut scented shampoo
318.  safe travels on long trips
319.  Sunday brunches out with Mimi
320.  Curled up against Justin
321.  School field trips
322.  photos sent from day care

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