Monday, September 30, 2013

catching up the gifts part II

636.  A Mom and Logan day out at Miner Mikes
637.  Logan's first tooth lost!
638.  A visit from the tooth fairy for Logan and his excitement over her gift of four shiny quarters!
639.  A Mom and Gavin day out at the zoo
640.  A game of chess with Justin...thank goodness he gives helpful hints!
641.  Another game of "chess" with Gavin  :-D
642.  Watching my boys "play" chess...or at least their version of the game!
643.  Justin's wedding ring on again...well, on his pinkie now since his ring shrunk  ;-D
644.  a fresh, new hair-do...trim & highlights
645.  Decorating the kids' room at church with Shelly...
646.  ...And a Mexican lunch out after!
647.  Lunch & scrap with Cindy for her belated birthday celebration
648.  A Duck Dynasty evening marathon with Justin
649.  Petting a tiny kitten, watching her fall asleep in my lap belly up
650.  Working of debt by house sitting!
651.  Using an oven again at Mimi's (ours is still broken for a few more days!)
652.  Back to work with good people!
653.  Open house at Esther, eased worries & nerves for Logan...and Mom!
654.  Comforting my feverish Gavin
655.  A husband & father who works for a good company that gives lots of sick leave!
656.  Justin staying home from work, caring for our sick Gavin so that I could be at work for the first day of school
657.  Logan's first day of 1st grade!
658.  Walking Logan to his classroom for the first time
659.  Update pictures of Gavin sent fro Justin, home with our feverish kiddo
660.  Meeting Logan off the bus after his first day of 1st grade
661.  Gorgeous weather, open windows, sweet smelling breezes!  All in August!!!
662.  Coming home to dinner made, the house clean - my husband rocks!
663.  A Dairy Queen trip to celebrate the end of the first day of school & Gavin's quick recovery from illness
664.  A family walk on a beautiful evening
665.  Gavin soundly asleep in the stroller
666.  New books delivered to my classroom
667.  Gavin's third birthday!
668.  A TMNT birthday cake!
669.  A game of t-ball in the backyard
670.  Duck Dynasty on TV, cuddled up on the couch with Justin
671.  A surprise gift - a new book from Justin!
672.  A successful communion meditation delivered - my first!
673.  The end of the first full week of school - and a good week it was!
674.  An awesome new "date night" babysitter for the boys
675.  First date night in a long, long time!
676.  Sushi and hibachi grill with a glass of wine
677.  Picking out books at B&N with Justin
678.  Movie night with "We're the Millers"
679.  School field trip to Bennett Spring!
680.  Sun shinning through tree tops
681.  Blue-green spring
682.  Picking peppers straight from the garden
683.  Motorcycle rides with Papa Jeff
684.  Batting practice with Logan

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