Monday, September 30, 2013

catching up the gifts part III

So...I'm going to post September's gifts.  And I think that technically, if I was going to do 1000 gifts in a year that I should be hitting 1000 right now.

But...I'm not.

You may have also noticed that my gifts posts aren't so pretty anymore...there being no pictures and all.  It's not that pictures don't's just that I've gotten lazy about blogging in general so that means that I've gotten lazy about putting pictures up along with the gifts I've listed.

In fact, being lazy is probably why this list isn't going to hit 1000 in one year either.

And it's not that I've been lazy about being thankful to God for all these wonderful - and maybe not so wonderful - things in my life, because I have been!  In fact, I've been super thankful.  I've just been taking so much time to actually live in the moment!  I think that has been one of the best things about this project - it has helped teach me how to be more present in my everyday life.  And that is one thing that I'm very, very thankful for!

So here it sort of short list of gifts for September:

685.  The Fischels family reunion in Iowa!
686.  Catching up with extended family
687.  Gavin pushing his baby cousin Piper around on at riding toy
688.  Logan meeting and making fast friends with his cousin Lucas
689.  Justin - just one of the guys
670.  Baptism Sunday at the river
671.  Four extra little hands to help with dusting
672.  Gavin fast asleep in the chair after dinner
673.  The house decorated for fall!
674.  Curled up - just me and Logan - reading books together
675.  Sharing laughter over memories with Justin
676.  Bed time stories
677.  My friend Sarah's new little boy - here finally and healthy!  Months of prayers answered!
678.  Hearing Gavin say "ove oo, mom"  (Love you, mom) just because
679.  Speech therapy
680.  Special reading programs and tutoring
681.  Forgiveness
682.  Logan's first dentist appointment
683.  Pizza & movie days at work
684.  Laughing hysterically at a book!
685.  Birthday cake shared by strangers at McDonalds
686.  A trip through the car Gavin's insistence!
687.  School field trip to St. Louis - SUCCESS!
688.  St. Louis Cardinals baseball game - my second!
689.  Nachos and hot dogs at the ball park
690.  Beautiful weather for a trip to the pumpkin patch
691.  Gavin's face lit up with excitement over seeing a big tractor!
692.  A tractor pulled hayride down to the corn maze
693.  A family walk through the corn maze
694.  Logan leading the way through the maze - and doing an awesome job
695.  Bible trivia to lead us through the maze
696.  Walking hand in hand with Gavin - he was a trooper!
697.  Justin carrying Gavin up high on his shoulders when Gavin's little legs wore out
698.  A "train" ride for the boys when we completed the maze
699.  Picking out our own pumpkins in the pumpkin patch
700.  My first "photo session" with my boys - I finally had the courage to take their yearly pictures myself instead of hiring someone else!

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