Monday, September 23, 2013

catching up the gifts part 1

591.  Portable DVD player for hours of entertainment on a long car ride!
592.  Quick staff in the ER
593.  Two staples to close the gash and nothing else!
594.  Running & delighted squeals while being discharged from the ER - Signs of a perfectly ok Gavin
595.  Gavin and Grandma on a sight seeing walk
596.  Sunshine, nice breeze, perfect temperatures - a great day for a parade
597.  A beautiful country to live in...
598.  ...and all the men and women who work hard and sacrifice to protect that for all ofus!
599.  Little hands collecting candy from the parade
600.  Pulled pork sandwiches with Dad & Dannielle followed by a staeout for our firework-viewing seats!
601.  Watching Logan play, bounce, and race with his cousins at the park
602.  Adam & Katie taking Logan with them for an ice cream cone
603.  Seeing all four kids gathered around my sister-in-low having a good time
604.  Playing on the iPad, niece and nephew in lap to give me a hand
605.  An amazing firework show!
606.  Breakfast and catch-up with Miranda
607.  Gavin & Logan taking turns driving the lawn mower with my dad and brother
608.  Gavin falling asleep in my arms
609.  Family gathered together around the fire
610.  Logan roasting a hot dog up over the fire for me!
611.  Hot & gooey s'mores - again made by Logan for me!
612.  Four cousins "driving" the tractor together
613.  Stopping in to visit Marcia - seeing each other for the first time in six years!
614.  Coming home from a trip to a clean house, dinner cooked, and my handsome husband
615.  Sleeping in my own bed again - always a treat after a trip!
616.  Making art using pastels with Logan at Arty Smarty
617.  Starting a new story Bible with my boys
618.  July 10th - Justin's "I love you"
619.  Watching Logan pick out his first reading prize at the library - he knew exactly what he wanted!
620.  Story time at the library with a special guest reader
621.  Facing my fear of snakes with a twenty pound anaconda...against my will!
622.  Four of us all snuggled up on the couch together
623.  Football camp for Logan...
624.  ...and "driving" lessons for Gavin!
625.  Logan's excitement over his "Best. Catch. EVER!"
626.  Fearless boys at the swimming pool
627.  Watching a thunderstorm on the front porch with my three men
628.  Shopping spree!
629.  Mad science at the library
630.  A rainy day spent at home
631.  Playing with and scratching nine tiny kittens
632.  Chocolate Therapy ice cream after the kids are tucked into bed - thanks Ben & Jerry's!
633.  A handmade "thank you" card from a little girl in Sunday school - she was so happy to get to be my helper!
634.  A "movie theater" experience at the library
635.  Gavin's first bike (tricycle) ride at the park

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