Friday, February 15, 2013

February Gifts

249.  debt paid off
250.  lazy Saturdays at home
251.  children napping peacefully through the afternoon
252.  reading a chapter book with Logan
253.  bowls of birthday cake ice cream
254.  building a puzzle piece by piece with Logan
255.  a family game of Sorry
256.  One Thousand Gifts book study
257.  late nights writing, pen to paper
258.  Super Bowl Sunday on the couch with Justin
259.  fresh coat of nail polish
260.  a teacher that does care
261.  words of encouragement after a difficult day
262.  laughter to ease the stress
263.  after class phone calls from Justin just to say "Hey"
264.  a flu shot to protect
265.  breathing treatments to heal
266.  Surprise!  Husband home early from work
267.  family walks in afternoon sunshine
268.  smell of bread baked fresh
269.  red-orange orb, sun setting behind the tree line
270.  legos and cars spread across the floor
271.  a TV gone blank and silent
272.  long, good phone conversations with Mom
273.  pink-gold sunrise reflected off silver-metal barn roof
274.  Logan's blue day
275.  a gym membership and trainer
276.  faces filled with joy when riding their "four wheeler"

277.  Logan's helpful hands
278.  clean bathrooms
279.  a book to inspire
280.  flowers picked out and given to me as a gift from Logan
281.  chopping vegetables in the morning for a crock pot dinner
282.  the lingering smell of onions, carrots, and potatoes on my hands, noticed during prayer time at church
283.  Nooma videos that inspire me in new ways every time I watch
284.  Celebrating Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and church friends
285.  squeals of glee from the boys at the sight of falling snow
286.  snow falling in the yellow glow of a street light
287.  small foot prints tracked in snow
288.  Pond, glass smooth, reflecting back a sky colored with sunrise
289.  wooded areas painted in white by fresh snow fall

290.  Ash Wednesday church service
291.  sweet smell of ashes, cross-shaped on my forehead
292.  "I miss you" ~ late night phone call
293.  calming effect of inentional prayer
294.  the generosity of my children
295.  a gift ~ red strawberries covered by sweet chocolate


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