Monday, February 11, 2013

Are we there yet?

Not in an acutaly physical place, but in a place in time where everyone is healthy.  Are we there yet?  I really, really hope so.

When January ended, I had thought, had hoped, we were saying good-bye not only to January, but also to all the illness that had plagued our house hold all. month. long.

It started with Gavin.  One day he just stopped eating.  And started doing a lot of sleeping.  This lasted for almost three days (an entire weekend).  By the time Monday rolled around, he was feeling better, so we bypassed the doctor and called ourselves lucky that we had bypassed the worst of some kind of stomach virus.

Or so we thought.

That Monday I caught a nasty stomach virus and spent the evening glued to the bathroom floor.  I was so sick I had my friend, Erin pick up my boys and take them to school/day care.  I crashed on the couch hoping I would be the last to be struck down with this particular bug. 

And then the school called.

Logan had it, too.  I ended up having to haul myself up off the couch after a long night of sickness and head over to the school to pick up Logan who was also suffering from a sick tummy.  We spent the day home together - him concious, me mostly not.  He was ready to go back to school the next day, I was not, but we both returned.

By the time I was over the stomach bug, the really nasty cold hit.  I battled it for two weeks before caving, going to the doctor, and finding out I was really sick.  One big antibiotic shot in the hip and ten days of pills later, I was finally feeling better.  And once again hoping it would only be me.

But, it wasn't.  Once again I got called by the school, this time the nurse telling me Logan had a fever.  I picked him up, brought him home, and watched him pass out on the couch before six that evening and sleep until past six the next morning.  One trip to the doctor later, he was at his Gigi's house for the day diagnosed with the common cold.

That was January 30th.  January ended.  I hoped the sickness would, too.

It didn't.

Last Tuesday it was Justin bringing Gavin to the doctor.  It was Gavin who got diagnosed with the flu!  Luckily, I had been all smart and gotten him a flu shot.  Doc told us that was probably what kept him from getting the full-on nasty business that so many others were suffering with.  He wasn't out of the woods though.  He needed a high-powered steroid and breathing treatments to heal up his poor lungs.

Now, here we are a week later.  Everyone is healthy!

(knock on wood)

So, I ask again...  Are we there yet?  For real this time?  I really, really do hope so!

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