Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here one moment, gone the next

One of the cool things that happened on Shrove Tuesday that I forgot to mention was....


Yup!  You heard me!  We got some snow.  Some snow that actaully stuck to the ground!  At least for a moment...

When we left the pancake dinner at church Tuesday night it was snowing.  Giant, fluffy, wet flakes of snow.  The boys were so excited!  The kept yelling out, "It's snowing" and trying to run through it as we walked to the car (very difficult to do since none of it was sticking to the ground).

Later that night, after we tucked the boys into bed, Justin and I just sat watching the snow fall in the glow of the street lights.  At this point, it was snowing enough to start covering the roof tops, trees, and grass.  I'm sure all over Lebanon their were teachers and students hoping for a snow day the next day!

The next morning, the kids and I looked out the window and were amazed by how much fresh, white snow can transform a drab winter day into a sparkling winter wonderland!  Now, there wasn't that much snow - probably only about an inch, but it was piled just perfectly on tree branches, fences, roof tops, and the grass.

Since the roads were completely clear (it had just been way to warm for the snow to stick), there was no snow day.  We had to get up, get dressed, and rock on with the morning as usual.  Knowing that the temperature was supposed to hit 52 that day, I knew the snow wouldn't last.  I made sure to get the boys out of the house a little early so that they could at least walk through the snow for a few minutes.  Logan promptly laid down and made a snow angel after I told him not to effectively covering himself in snow!  Justin took a broom to him though, so the problem was quickly solved.  The biggest problem was actual wrestling the kids into the car.  Big surprise - they didn't want to go!  There was snow to play in!  I didn't blame them.  It was so beautiful out with the sun slowly starting to rise and reflect off all that beautiful white - I just wanted to grab my camera and walk around with the boys snapping pictures all morning long!

But, we went to day care/school/work.  Along the way, we "ooohhed" and "ahhhed" over all the sights.  At one point even Gavin commented, "Mommy!  Pretty tree!"  I had to content myself with my camera phone and pictures taken while *gulp* driving.

These next three were sent to me by Justin.  It seems he likes to take pictures while driving, too....

Like I said, the temperature was supposed to get up into the fifties, so the snow wasn't going to last the day (which secretly - or maybe not so secretly - is one of the things I love about living in MO).  Sure enough, it was gone by the time the kids and I got home for the day, so there was no going out to play in it (which did actually make me feel bummed for the boys - I'm not a total scrooge!).  It was nice to at least get to enjoy it for a few hours anyway!

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