Thursday, January 31, 2013

some January gifts

206.  microwave popcorn

207.  sunshine through icy trees, lighting them up like crystal

208.  icicles in afternoon sunshine

209.  hot apple cider
210.  chicken broth warm in a mug
211.  speeding ticket to remind me to SLOW down
212.  Bills paid and stacked to mail
213.  texting with Justin throughout the day
214.  Girls Night Out at The Artsy Cafe
215.  Laughter with friends
216.  scrapbooking fun
217.  sounds of boys playing nicely together in their room
218.  three day weekends!
219.  making the perfect hard boiled egg

220.  apple slices and PB shared between me and the boys

221.  Pretzles dipped in spinach dip

222.  baking cookies
223.  special delivery from Justin:  Starbuck's mocha
224.  Evenings laying in bed talking with Justin
225.  Sharing lunch at school with Logan
226.  perfect lines left in the carpet by the vacuum cleaner
227.  sick days to stay home, rest, and recover
228.  The Discovery Center
229.  Dutch apple cheescake compliments of Starbucks (and the Cheesecake Factory)
230.  Tall glace of iced tea lemonade - almost can make me believe its summer!
231.  Beer of tap paired with a plate of hot wings shared with Justin
232.  the bright white glow of a full moon
233.  Moonbeams peaking around clouds, lighting up the night sky
234.  "You're pretty cool" - Justin
235.  Two boys, hands folded, saying prayers in church
236.  Gavin singing as loud as he can during praise and worship
231.  thunderstorms
237.  Open windows letting in fresh air - in January!
238.  Falling asleep to the sound of rain falling steadily
239.  starting and finishing a book all in one day!
240.  antibiotics for healing
241.  Logan's negative strep test
242.  Gigi to the rescue!  Babysitting Logan while he's out sick from school
243.  expressing my thoughts and experiences through writing and pictures on my blog
244.  What I Read Wednesdays from School Teacher by Day...
245.  suprise gifts from Shelley at group

246.  my phone alarm to remind me to pray throughout the day
247.  snow hugging trees

248.  boys coloring together at the table


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