Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Game Night

One of the things I'm really, really starting to love about visiting my parent's house is...FAMILY GAME NIGHT/DAY/AFTERNOON/WHENEVER WE GET AROUND TO IT!  We started this little "tradition" maybe last Christmas, and since then, we (the adults, I mean) try to play a game together every visit.  And sometimes we drink wine...well, every time we drink wine...

Game night was Friday night after we tucked the kids into bed.  It was the first night that no one had just finished a seven hour car ride and present opening (me) and the first night that no one had to get up for work in the morning (Dannielle, Mom).  This year the game was Logos (super fun game - totally recommend it!) and the wine was three different bottles picked out by my sister.  And served in redneck wine glasses. 

Unfortunetly, one of the bottles was a pretty bad wine...as you can see from this face Dannielle made.  It was actually a much funnier experession to begin with, but I didn't hit the button fast enough!

My mom chose to sit out while my sister, Dad, and I played two rounds - both of which Dad one.  I think he cheats.  Or else he just knows too many random facts.  And remembers way more than me or Dannielle.  Either way, he won both times...though Dannielle and I gave him a run for his money on the second round!  Sort of...

I love hanging out with my family - especially when we get to do fun activities together!  I really am pretty excited to get together with everyone again for a rematch ASAP!  Here that Dad?  Dannielle?  Come visit soon so I can win this time!

Gift #164 - the sound of laughter around the game board
Gift #165 - the taste of wine...even the bad stuff 'cause it's worth the laugh
Gift #166 - spending time playing a game with family

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