Sunday, January 6, 2013

On my heart ~ Gifts

It's been awhile since I've done a post on gifts, but that doesn't mean I've stopped counting.  These days I'm always looking for gifts in my  life, blessings hidden inside all of my very ordinary moments.  It helps keep me grateful when envy and ungratefullness start to creep into my heart - something that seems to be even more of a challenge during the holiday season!  So, I counted gifts.  Sometimes I even remembered to write them down.  And sometimes I even remembered to take pictures.  I spent a lot of time going back through my December posts adding the gifts to the bottom of each post.  I wanted to make sure that I remembered - and shared - each gift found in those days.

I have a few "Christmas" posts left up my sleeve - things my boys and I did while we were in Iowa with my parents.  I even have a nifty little New Year's resolutions type post I'd like to do still.  But, I feel this strong urge to put all of that aside for a moment and focus on blessings.  I just feel in my heart that it's time to pause, time to focus on all the little things, small miracles that God has placed in my every day life.  These are just ten random, every day kind of gifts.  Things I never want to take for granted.

151.  snow falling softly

152.  Gavin's head buried in my shoulder

153.  a frozen river covered in snow

154.  Cookies and coffee (hot chocolate for the boys) with my boys
155. Swirls of creamer when first poured into a fresh cup of coffee

156.  Afternoon naps while the boys play with Dad
157.  dinner around the table as a family
158.  the voices of my babes saying prayers to God before dinner
159.  Patience to handle a spilled glass of milk with love and grace

160.  talking with my BonBon girls at Thursday night's Bible study

Bah!  Bogger issues!  I'll be back with pictures for this post whenever whatever is going on is over!

Still having blogger issues, but I am crafty and finding ways around them!  Hehehehe!

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