Friday, January 11, 2013


So, I know we are over a week into January, a week past the "New Year," but I still really, really wanted to do a post on resolutions because I got this really cool idea for it from the Pioneer Woman.  (She's full of fun ideas and just plain fun!) 

Okay.  Confession.  I'm not much into New Year's Resolutions.  I can't remember one instance in which I consciously and deliberately made a list.  EVER.  I can blame that on a couple of things:

First, I don't really consider January 1 the beginning of a new year.  I consider August the beginning of a new year.  Blame it on being on a school schedule my whole life - first as a student, now as a teacher.  But, it's not like I really make resolutions in August either, which leads me to my second reason...

Two, I don't see the point in making a list of things I'm probably going to forget about doing anyway.  Sure, I love lists.  I even have a goal list that I'm working from right now.  But, I see a goal list as different from resolutions.  A goal list is tangible things I want to get done, projects to be crossed off.  Resolutions, on the other hand, tend to be more character building, changing-your-life kind of things, and I'm generally pretty happy with who I am at the moment, and when I'm not, it doesn't conveniently land on January 1st so I can make it a resolution.

Maybe those are silly reasons for never doing resolutions.  Maybe they make no sense what so ever.  But, they're mine and I'm sticking to them!

The question becomes then, why do I want to do this particular resolution activity?  Ummm...because I want to?  I really have no better reason than that.  I think it looks fun and I want to.  That's it. it goes...

Read the Bible daily
Eat more brightly colored fruits and vegetable
Sleep at least seven hours a night
Organize more time to spend with my husband (with his help of course)
Learn, learn, learn!  Particularly about my camera, exercise, and cooking!
Utilize my time more wisely.  Less TV, internet, phone!  More fun!  More projects!  More play!
Talk in a calmer voice to my children when I am angry
Initiate games and activities with my children more often
Out if my mouth be there more words of affirmation
Note the gifts in my life daily

By the way, I purposely engineered this list to be all things I want to do more of rather than stop doing.  It gives the whole thing a more positive vibe which I really like!  Turns out that that was a challenge for me though!

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