Thursday, January 31, 2013

why I love the discovery center

First, there are dinosaur bones.  And you can dig for dinosaur bones.  My boys get a kick out of this.  Heck, I get a kick out of this!  I love digging along side my kiddos!

Then there's Wonderland.  Really, I love this place.  It keeps the boys occupied forever - Gavin especially.  I think he would have been content to stay in this room all. day. long.  I find it very sad that it is only for children five and under because that means that all too soon Logan will be too big for this pint sized wonderland.

The second floor is filled with all kinds of different things like this drinking fountian...

...and fun with magnets...

...and building...

 ....and music!

There are also a couple of great areas that I was so busy playing with the boys that I never got around to taking any pictures of.  They have all kinds of activites dealing with electricity, motion, and water.  Activities that kept us so busy that I never even stopped to think about snapping a picture or two!
A big section of one floor is all about the human body.  They have "veins" and "arteries" to climb through, bones to play with, teeth to brush, and eyeballs to explore.  Along with some great learning activities of course.  Logan was pretty excited about the bones, but wouldn't go near the fake brain!  Gavin just liked climbing all over everything.

A big hit is always the Discovery Town.  They have a grocery store, a house, and a movie theater!  This area really caught Gavin's attention.  Not surprising considering some of his favorite toys at home (and day care) are the cash register and the kitchen set!  There's also a newspaper room and a weather studio, but we avoided those things because they're a little over the boys' heads.


Logan may not have been as excited about Discovery Town, but he was pretty impressed with this giant bubble machine.  I actually felt bad when I had to make him leave so that other children could have a chance.  He was a good sport about it though!

All together, we spent over three hours in the Discovery Center this past Saturday!  Honestly, we could have stayed longer, because we never made it to at least one floor and I know for a fact Logan and Gavin would have each spent a lot longer in a couple of areas if one of them wasn't always so ready to move on to the next thing!  It also didn't help that it was after three and I had two very hungry boys that were ready for snack time!
I love the Discovery Center.  It is such a great place to go and spend a good chunk of the day learning and playing with my boys - especially on days that are too cold or too hot or rainy!  Plus, there's so much to do, that it doesn't get old going back multiple times a year.  We had a great afternoon, and I'm looking forward to the next time we head back there!

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