Monday, January 2, 2012


My last day of work before the Christmas break was the 21st.  It was also the last day I checked my email - both personal and work - until the 1st of January.  I had almost 200 unread emails and almost all of them were just junk mail.

I was only on facebook once and that was to type out "Merry Christmas."  (And only because everyone was napping and I had some time on my hands.)

I didn't read any blog posts and only posted once just so I could keep up on my Couch to 5k posts.

I didn't use the internet (unless you count buying two books for my new Nook Color).

I only sent two texts - both to answer questions for someone.

I only made a few phone call - all to my mother to keep her updated on our travel plans.

I have 300+ pictures on my camera that have yet to be saved to my computer much less edited and posted.  Oh, and then there are the videos that need to be saved to the computer too.

I did take my children to Christmas Eve service, and I did bake cinnamon rolls Sunday morning and watched the boys open their presents.  I did eat Christmas dinner with Justin's family, and we did drive seven hours to Iowa right after.  I did read four books.  I did play with my children.  I kept up with my running.  I shopped with my sister, and we got pedicures.  I played a board game with my family and watched along with family and Aunt and Uncle as Iowa lost (boo).  I watched my children play with their cousins for the first time since July.  I got to spend the day with extended family on my Dad's side.

I didn't set out to "unplug" this holiday season, but as I was doing all of these things (and many more) I just didn't feel the need to check mail and facebook and blogs and surf the web.  I was so happy to just be, so happy to live in the moment for once.  It was a great holiday season full of love and happy moments; the best way to start of a new year.

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