Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled program

So you may have noticed that I fell off the face of planet blogging in the last week (or maybe you didn't...that's okay too!).  I have good reasons... 

See I was in Iowa for a week visiting my family and though I brought my computer and had internet access the only thing I used it for was editing photos and uploading them.  I didn't really have time for anything else.  I fully intended to begin creating literary master pieces (ha! ha!) cataloguing our entire trip upon my return to MO, but that didn't work out...

All I wanted on Friday was to make the eight hour trip home as quickly and peacefully as possible...but my children must have used up all their good behavior on the trip to Iowa because the trip was not peaceful and therefore not quick.  And once we got home our three cats and dog weren't the only ones there to greet us...there were fleas too.



Instead of getting to unpack and relax in my house and sleep in my bed I had to throw our bags back in the car and drive myself and the boys out to my in-laws to sleep for the night while my poor husband spent the entire night sweeping, vacuuming, spraying, and bug bombing our house.  On Saturday morning we left the boys with my in-laws and returned to the house together to continue sweeping, vacuuming, spraying, and washing laundry. 

And we continued to do it all day long! 

And on Sunday we continued to clean all day long!

Finally today came (I've never been so freakin' happy for a Monday in my life) and we were able to get our poor flea infested pets taken care of and get a hold of our favorite pest control company.  And best of all, we're such great customers (we have a contract with them to spray for pests and check for termites every three months) they made sure to fit us in TODAY!

Now it is almost 9:00 at night and the fleas on my pets are dead and my house has been treated and I feel like I can finally start to relax.  Of course I still have to sleep at my in-laws again tonight (fumes, people, fumes - I won't expose my babies) and tomorrow there will be more sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing (while my babies play safely at day care of course), but at least I know every last flea is on its way to dead!  And maybe come Wednesday things will start getting back to normal and I will at last have time to write  literary master pieces (ha! ha!) cataloguing our entire trip Iowa....ok, at least I'll have some cute pictures to show anyway!

P.S.  The bugs in MO make the list of 100 reasons I should have never left Iowa...spiders and ticks and chiggers and termites and now fleas???  I've had enough of bugs.

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