Wednesday, July 6, 2011

so much to do, so little time

****UPDATE:  I've already crossed two things off "The List"!!!!****
****SECOND UPDATE:  I've done a few more things...but not all of them.  Guess they'll have to go on the "get done before Christmas" list!****
Basically my summer is already half over.  Yeah, sure, I'm not contracted to be back at school until August 15th, but my students return on the 17th and two days is not enough time to get ready.  Especially since most of those two days will be wrapped up in building and district meetings.  That means come the first week in August I will be back in my classroom on uncontracted (this is code for unpaid) time trying to pull things together for those first few weeks of school. 

The point is that my summer is speeding by, and I had so much planned and now I have so very little time left in which to do it all!

But...I really like to make lists...and this means of course that I have a list of things I want to get done over the next month.  And for some crazy reason I have decided to make it public knowledge along with my health goals and project goals (both of which I'm still plugging away on relatively successfully...).

So on to the list!

Artsy/Crafty Stuff
  1. Complete beach vacation scrapbook (Uhhh, this vacation was over a year ago, but I did finally buy materials with my birthday money!)
  2. Complete Logan's second year scrapbook (Yes, he just turned four.  Yes, that puts me way behind.  But, I only have like two pages left - I just didn't quite get them done last summer before Gavin arrived on the scene!)
  3. Print pictures for both boys' baby books and update the information (this requires getting hubby to fix the printer...easier said than done!)
  4. Start Logan's third year scrapbook (I have all of the pictures printed already)
Household Stuff
  1. Make a July menu (I like to plan meals by the month b/c it has actually proven to help reduce our grocery bill!)
  2. Pin down Justin and figure out our August schedule (he starts his Master's and his instructor position at the college in August and there are tons of training dates and class dates that I need to be aware of!)
  3. Plan an August menu (I'll do this later in July after I know our schedule.)
  4. Create a weekly cleaning schedule to help keep up on everyday stuff and deep cleaning tasks (I had one, but after I had Gavin we switched into "survival mode" and regular cleaning went out the window and I haven't gotten back into any kinds of habits since!)
  5. Start creating a new budget for this year (yes, my years "start" in's the life of a teacher...I think...)
Family Goals
  1. Read books to both boys every night before bed (gotten lazy on this lately)
  2. Create a chore chart for Logan (want him to start learning about helping out regularly)
  3. Create a consequences chart for Logan (a great blogger has posted some help with this one here.)
  4. Work with Gavin on using sippy cups (he's a year old in August and I want to say Good-bye to bottles by then)
  5. Plan a date night with Justin before we rush back to work in August (we used to be really good about doing this once month but not so much these days for many reasons...must get back into the habit before life gets crazy again!)

Random Personal Stuff
  1. Finish Nooma video study (I only have like seven - maybe eight - left!)
  2. Finish Continue reading Bible regularly (I'm about half way through which might seem good...except I started two years ago!)
  3. Do one other study book (I have a shelf full of books I've been meaning to read - some for years now - but haven't gotten to.)
  4. Read books for fun!  (I have about five more I'd like to get through this summer!)
  5. Learn to use the manual focus on my camera well (This one is becoming urgent as for some reason the auto focus on my camera is pooping out and I don't have money laying around for a new lens!  (But oh how I'd like one!))
  6. Give up TV for a month (maybe in August...after SYTYCD is over???)
  7. Back up my computer files (Ummm....I'm sorry to say I haven't done this since March! Bad Kassandra, bad!)
  8. Blog, blog, blog!  (I'm really enjoying blogging, but I must push myself to do it sometimes!  If I don't it will go the way of the scrapbooking and only get done occasionally!)
Continue with health goals & project goals!!!

See what I mean?  Lots of stuff, not lots of time???  (Remember:  I have boys (and this includes husband) to take care of amidst all of this!)  I may have to give up sleeping...though I'm not sure what the big deal there is since it is almost four o'clock in the morning right now and I'm up!  (Couldn't sleep...too busy thinking about all the stuff I want to get done!) 

But I'll be honest...I probably will be lucky to get half of this stuff done before I head back to work - especially since I'll be visiting family in Iowa for a week this month.  The point is that I am a person who needs goals, needs stuff that I'm working on or else I kind of flounder and end up with very little done (which would basically be the story of June). 

So there's the list.  I'll try to check back in regularly to let you know how it is going (Ok, to let myself know how I'm doing!), and who knows?  Maybe I'll get more done than I think is possible!  Wouldn't that be awesome!  It just may happen if I give up sleep...which doesn't seem all that crazy since it is four o'clock in the morning and I'm to wired to sleep!

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