Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Candidate for "What Not to Wear"?

A very sad fact was brought to my attention by my husband and sister this past weekend:  my wardrobe could easily land me on the show "What Not to Wear."  School is out for the summer and my work clothes are on hangers probably not to be touched until at least November since they are almost all more cool weather clothes and it has settled in the mid-90's here...and it is only June!  For a week now I have been getting up every day and dressing in stretchy pants and rib knit tank tops.  Or stretchy pants and nursing tank tops.  I own exactly one pair of shorts (that I bought with my sister this weekend), and the majority of those tank tops I have been wearing?  Well, they're maternity tank tops, and well, this means they may be a touch baggy.  (This may be a good time to mention that I am not pregnant, and my youngest, my "baby,"  he's almost ten months old right now.)

I took this wake up call as an opportunity to go through my stored pre-pregnancy clothes only to realize that I didn't have any pre-pregnancy summer clothes left.  In all honesty I probably packed them up two summers ago and dropped them off at Good Will realizing I would be pregnant the next summer (we were trying to get pregnant) and come the summer following that I wouldn't like any of them anymore (or deep down inside I realized they probably wouldn't fit right).  And, if I'm really honest with myself, it doesn't matter that I don't have any summer clothes packed away because they probably wouldn't fit anymore because despite the fact that my baby is ten months old, my body insists on hanging onto the last 5-10 pounds of pregnancy weight gain.... 

And this leads me to the next sad conclusion I myself came to this past weekend:  I'm too squishy in places that shouldn't be that squishy, and I'm in desperate need of a healthier diet and more regular exercise. 

Keeping all of this in mind, I've decided that it is time to make some summer goals.  I think I'll start here:
  1. Walk the dog everyday (regular exercise people!!!)
  2. Exercise 5 days a week (this is ON TOP of walking the dog!)
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning (I like to skip and binge at lunch...oops)
I think three is a good number...  And, no, I have not attached any weight loss goals to this because looking at the scale will depress me and send me to the couch with a pan of brownies and Netflix at my fingertips. 

And yes, I'm well aware of the fact that none of this solves the fact that I'm a candidate for "What Not to Wear" right now because I'm not giving up my maternity clothes yet (I can't go naked, people, and money is a factor here...if you're overly concerned about my frumpy wardrobe feel free to nominate me for the show...(do they even still make that show?))  I do, however, promise to good will them all at the end of July and buy new clothes (preferably in smaller sizes...)  

P.S.  I considered taking pictures of my closet and favorite dresser drawer (you know, the one with all the tank tops and stretchy pants), but it was too depressing...and I didn't want to upset myself my camera...

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