Monday, June 20, 2011

Operation Gavin's Room

Last week I told you about a few summer projects that I want to complete.  One of those projects was to clean up and clean out Gavin's room.  I actually started and finished Gavin's room the same day I posted but I just never got around to showing you what I did.  What can I say?  I got lazy...  Better late than never right?

The changing table needs to go - Gavin keeps trying to crawl  off of it!  Oh, and that pile of clothes on the dresser - all too small!

Shoved behind the rocker are two extra pillows, a pack 'n play (not packed up), a boppy, and a sack of Logan's sippy cups and breast pump/feeding supplies (none of which is in use right now).  MESSY!

And the closet...oh sheesh the closet...what a mess!  Guitars and clothes and toys and a whole lot of other stuff we're not using!  Time for it to get packed up and moved out!

So after a few hours of packing, organizing, dusting, and vacuuming I had a finished project.
Good-bye changing table!  I took our cookbook shelf from the dinning room and turned it into a "changing station."  I no longer have to worry about Gavin attempting to launch off the table (or pee down the wall behind it).  And all those too small clothes?  Packed away.  And inside those dresser drawers are neatly folded and organized piles...sigh.  I so love organization!

 Good-bye rocking chair and pile of stuff behind the chair!  Hello big boy toys!  The rocker was moved back into the living room and everything else was packed away.  I now have somewhere to put all of these toys!  Course I would prefer a toy box or something to actually put them inside of, but since my goal was to spend very, very little money and we have plans to eventually turn this into a play room and have the boys share a room, it seemed silly to go that far at this moment.

And the closet...oh sweet, organized space...I adore thee!  Everything we're not using/done with was packed up and sent out leaving me room for extra diapers, toys, and clothes Gavin has yet to grow in to.  And I can actually find everything!
To top it off, I not only cleaned Gavin's room, but I took care of the piles of stuff I pulled out of his room!  The pile:

That big pile of stuff is all neatly packed away.  It is now sitting in my garage as I debate what to do with it all.  Do I keep it (you know...just in case...) or do I donate it?  (Don't suggest I garage sale it - I don't do garage sales.  The thought alone makes me break out in hives...not even kidding a little!!!!)

I'm super happy with the result, and so are the boys who are busy playing with their "new" toys.  I swear Logan is having more fun with these toys than he did before I packed them up a couple years ago!  And Gavin, he likes himself the big boy toys!  
This means one project down and three more to go.  Tomorrow both boys will be at day care again so I have plans to commence Operation Logan's Room.  Hope to be back with the before and afters in a more timely manner this time!  Stay tuned!

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