Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have you ever seen an elephant pee?

Today we had to run to Springfield to get Logan's four year old pictures taken.  After a less than stellar photography session followed by a quick lunch we decided to brave the zoo.  I anticipated disaster (if last Saturday was one of those days to remember than this Saturday was on it's way to being one of those days to forget - yeah, it was going that badly), but my boys surprised me once again.  By the end of the trip I was so happy that we hadn't given up and headed home right after lunch.

The Sit 'n Stand stroller may be the best invention ever.  Oh, and that is an ostrich my boys are fascinated with.

There's even a flamingo back there...can you see him?

Must feed ducks and fish...and those pesky swans will stick their long necks under the bars and steal food right out of your pile!

Next up:  feeding goats...but watch out for the geese because they'll attack you to get at the food...

See!  I told you they attack!  This one tried to take my baby's face off I swear!

The camel stole the show...he was by far Logan's favorite!

Must hydrate!  It was 96 degrees!  Oh, and see that pretty toy Gavin has?  Yeah, he threw that at some point when he knew we weren't paying attention because by the time we reached the reptile house (at the end of the zoo) it was missing.  Boo!

Taking a break in the shade.  And of course right after I took this picture Logan fell off the ledge and scraped up his knee.  Justin seems to think he gets his klutziness from me...that can't be right can it???

Chilling with Dad.  Did I mention it was 96 degrees and humid as all hell?

Elephants...stick around and I'll explain the title of this post...

Is it still a peacock if it is white or does that make it something else???  Either way these particular creatures are LOUD.  EARSPLITTING LOUD!!!!

Sweet little monkey thing.  Doesn't he look sad?  Course I would look sad too if someone was referring to me as sweet little monkey "thing" I guess...

Yeah, so I though this turtle was big....he ain't got nothin' on this guy!

Very smart zoo keepers...they built a water park in their zoo!

Good thing we brought extra shorts....

Freakin' EARSPLITTING LOUD peacocks were everywhere!
That was an extremely abbreviated version of our trip to the zoo today (I would show you more, but I didn't bring my good camera so the pictures aren't that amazing.  Oh, and I don't have nearly the amount of patience it would require to upload them all to blogger).  It was a pretty awesome end to a day that started out not so great.  And the best part?  My boys slept the entire way home...and went to bed with out a fuss at 7:00 (Gavin) and 7:30 (Logan). 

And if you're still here it means you want to know about the title to this post.  Yeah, today I saw an elephant pee (and poop actually), and I'm just crazy enough (or gross enough according to my husband) to have taken a picture.  Yeah, and I'm going to post it.  Right now.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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