Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working at the Car Wash

Confession:  I have not gotten around to cleaning out Logan's room like I said I would.  Second Confession:  I'm really not upset about this (typically I probably would be).  It's on the to-do list for tomorrow, and that's good enough for me because see, we've been cleaning.  We've just been cleaning things that are way more fun to clean.  At least Logan thinks so.  I still prefer to just sit, watch, and take pictures (which happens to be exactly what I did).  And, I'm not going to complain about a clean car!  Especially one I didn't have to wash or dry!

Step one:  Soap your sponge!

Step two:  Bring the sponge over and tell Mom to take a picture of it.

Step three:  Show Mom that you have soap all over your hands from the sponge.

Step four:  Now that steps 1-3 are out of the way car washing can commence!

Contine on with step four...

...and keep on scrubbing because Dad needs all the "help" he can get!

Step five:  Forget to move onto the drying step as Dad waits in the background (see him there in the reflection) to RE-DRY that side of the car!

Step six:  NOW move onto the drying part.

My boys worked hard.  I took it upon myself to sit with Gavin and watch.  We're really good watchers.

Toward the end Gavin decided that he might like to get in on the action after all and tried to take off.

In the end we had to shiny clean cars.  That night mine went in the garage and Justin's stayed in the driveway...and it stormed like crazy! Now we have one shiny clean car...and it's mine!  Hehehe...

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  1. I wash my car with my five year old son Albert. Yeah, those moments are priceless. Your photos are so nice especially those with Gavin just looking around and satying cute. Heheheh.