Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Wedding Gift

Logan's birthday  is this week, so if you don't mind I'm going to spend the next few posts talking about him because I happen to think he's that special and it's my blog so I can do what I want!

I've decided to start at the beginning for two reasons.  1.  I've never written it all down before and I think it would be kind of cool someday to look back and show Logan the story from the beginning.  2.  It's my blog and I can do what I want!

So, back to the beginning...

Justin and I got married in October 2006.  For two months leading up to the wedding I was breaking out in hives.  BIG. BAD. UGLY. RED. HIVES.  I went to my regular doctor twice before she finally referred me to a dermatologist.  Turned out he wasn't much help in figuring out why I was breaking out in hives either, but the last time I went to see him in absolute desperation - my wedding was in one week - he decided to prescribe me some steroids in hopes that it would at least temporarily stop my break outs.  It worked like a charm - a week later I was married hive free!  'Course neither he nor the pharmacist bothered to mention the possible side effects, and I - a poor consumer indeed - didn't bother to read the "literature" attached to my prescription.

(Are you trying to figure out where I'm going with this yet???  Keep reading - it's all relevant; I promise!)

The ceremony was beautiful, and I'm not kidding, with in minutes of it ending questions and jokes about "making babies" started flying.  Justin and I just laughed and told everyone that we had a five year plan.  We'd talk about babies in five years.  Little did we know that the joke was going to be on us...

(Have you figured it out yet???)

On Monday I went back to was a busy week as I was figuring first quarter grades, prepping for my first parent-teacher conferences, and planning a weekend trip to Iowa for our second wedding reception (95% of my family lives in Iowa so my parents insisted on having a second reception in Iowa - no complaints here...I love a good party!).  After a crazy week and whirlwind weekend I was back at work and exhausted.  I chalked it up to the excitement and didn't think anything of it...until a week later when I was still tired...among other things that I won't mention (there is such a thing as to much information!!!)

That week a little, tiny voice in my head started whispering, "You know, you could be..."  I ignored it, because I knew I couldn't be - I had the birth control thing covered.  Then later that week one of my co-workers mentioned that she had heard that steroids were kind of like antibiotics and could affect birth control and did I know that.  Huh...hadn't known that...  At that point the little voice inside my head got a little bit louder, but still I ignored need to go there right???

Then November came...but my period didn't.  And I knew, but I didn't mention it to Justin yet (denile is a good friend of mine).  After a couple of days I mustered up the courage to take a pregnancy test.  And then I knew for sure...and I had to tell Justin.  To my dismay he was really okay with the idea (telling Justin made me nervous as he was a big fan of the five year plan).   That night, just to be sure, I took four more pregnancy tests.  And then there was no denying it.  I was pregnant.

(Betcha guessed that was coming didn't you???  Good-bye five year plan...Hello five hour plan!)

I had to get into the OB immedietly because there were medications I was on that I couldn't be on anymore so changes needed to be made (unplanned pregnancy remember...) and during that appointment our baby's due date was calculated:  July 12, 2007.  This baby was due almost nine months to the day after our wedding.  There was no question that this baby was a wedding gift from God himself and by far the best gift we had recieved.

That's one I'll remember forever...

Stay tuned...there's more coming tomorrow...

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