Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Capture ~ Water

Ohhh I was so excited about this challenge!  In my mind I saw images trips to the public pool, splashes in our baby pool, and even some water fun in our sand box.  And I saw me there to capture them with my trusty Nikon.

Reality turns out doesn't play nice with my fantasies.  'Cuz Mother Nature chose this week to send oodles of rain.

So what do I have to show for water this week?

Well, I have raindrops on flowers...

And raindrops on Mr. Turtle know the one I had visions of us playing in with water instead of standing next to while water poured down...

And I have a picture of a little boy playing with an umbrella in the rain though I realized I have absolutely no idea how to take a picture of rain falling in a way that you can actually see rain falling!

And yesterday my son got a water bottle for his birthday (see the cake back there?) and he was very excited to drink water from it...

So yeah, I may have been stretching it just a bit this week, but on a brighter side I did get back to shooting in manual! 

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  1. Your raindrops on flower is lovely! Great job on the manual pic.